On 27 -28 May the “Rerum Rubis” is back in Ruvo di Puglia! – Pugliapress

On 27 -28 May the “Rerum Rubis” is back in Ruvo di Puglia! – Pugliapress
On 27 -28 May the “Rerum Rubis” is back in Ruvo di Puglia! – Pugliapress

Back to Ruvo di Puglia next weekend, with a rich and varied program, the “Rerum Rubis-Carafa and the legend festival”, the new edition of the historical re-enactment that since 2013 has characterized the annual program of Ruvese events organized by Cultura et Memoria Study Center of Ruvo di Puglia with the support of the Municipality of Ruvo, the Puglia Foundation, the Alta Murgia National Park, the Regional Council of Puglia, Confcommercio Bari, the Pro-loco of Ruvo di Puglia and the patronage of the Cers European Consortium for Historical Re-enactments.

The historical procession, which will start at 17:30 from Piazza Matteotti, will invade the historic center in a suggestive and theatrical journey. Furthermore, a novelty of this edition is the section called “The Fires of Freedom” with fire-themed artistic representations in two squares of the historic center both days from sunset.

The event will have the participation of local and national artists of the “Street Fire Artist” sector. Among the main activities, the historic market in Piazza San Michele will promote local products of the “zero kilometer short supply chain”, thanks to the collaboration with the Terra di Bari Consortium.

The evening of 28 May will end with the lighting of the tree of liberty in Piazza Matteotti at 20:30, followed by the cabaret show by Renato Ciardo at 21:00 in Piazza Adriano Tilgher.

On both days it will be possible to visit historical sites such as the Jatta Museum and the Ruvo Castle accompanied by guides certified by the Pro Loco.

A historical reconstruction, therefore, but also a current reflection on the values ​​of freedom.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this event which celebrates the history and culture of the city of Ruvo di Puglia and the Puglia region.

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