Formula 1, Alonso’s red light lover: she is the ex of a famous footballer Fans love her for the hot shots

Much more often than one thinks, the world of Formula One is also colored by pages of real gossip, with indiscretions and rumors, real or presumed, related to hypothetical flirtations of the pilots. Guy?

One of the most emblematic cases relating to the possible new relationships that the pilots of the Circus of Formula 1 they may or may not live, according to the latest ‘rumors’ it would concern Fernando Alonso.

Around the well-known driver who, this year is experiencing one of the most brilliant seasons in recent times, there have actually been some rumors different from time to time. True or just inventions?

THEin Formula One with great insistence we don’t just talk about performance on the track and points, rankings and rankings: the drivers are often literally invaded by rumors of gossip uncontrolled.

Fernando Alonso is certainly one of the most talked about: if only because his last real relationship is over for some time and, some more and some less, it suits him attributing always a new flirt.

Alonso, another gossip: who is it this time?

One name has recently surfaced woman Really fascinating, given as the pilot’s lover: would be the ex partner of a known soccer player and, above all, a woman much appreciated for her hot shots.

Who is it about? Previously Fernando Alonso was even credited with having an affair with Taylor Swift: but now it seems that the rumors about the ex of an ‘ex Barcelona‘.

The F1 driver as we know, has recently broken up with his girlfriend Andrea Schlager. Since then everything and the opposite of everything has been said around him in terms of love affairs. After Swift?

It’s even the turn of the glamorous Melissa Jimenez: a woman of formidable aesthetic beauty and ex-wife of former Barcelona footballer Marc Bartra.

Melissa and Alonso: what’s true?

For some time, many gossip voices have been dealing with this new hypothesis that Fernando Alonso could therefore have an affair with Melissa Jimenez. But who is it about?


The beautiful woman who may have taken the place of Alonso’s last partner, Andrea, was the wife of the former Barca defender, now in Turkey at Trabzonspor Marc Bartra.

With him has three children. Jimenez, expert in sports journalism, is involved in sports and engines and in this sense he may have had the opportunity to approach Alonso in the paddocks. Is this enough to fuel the rumors about their flirtation?

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