In Valentino Rossi’s team they have an idea for Marco Bezzecchi! Uccio: “But I’m ready to step aside…” – MOW

In Valentino Rossi’s team they have an idea for Marco Bezzecchi! Uccio: “But I’m ready to step aside…” – MOW
In Valentino Rossi’s team they have an idea for Marco Bezzecchi! Uccio: “But I’m ready to step aside…” – MOW

The historical friend of Valentino Rossi and today team manager of the Mooney VR46 confirms his stay in Ducati also for 2024 and talks about his project: “An official Desmosedici for Bezzecchi and a direct contract with Borgo Panigale”. Then he adds: “Marco now has his own manager, it’s right that he follows his path and what’s best for him”

marc Bezzecchi still riding a Ducati of Team Mooney VR46, but official like that of the factory team riders and with a contract update covered directly by those of Borgo Panigale. It is Valentino Rossi’s dream, Alessio Salucci (Uccio) and the others from Mooney VR46 for the near future. In short, in Tavullia they are trying not to give up anything, but there is full awareness that it will be necessary to sit down at a negotiating table.

Lor explained to colleagues at own Uccio, in a long interview in which he recounted the joys of a present beyond expectations (two victories in MotoGP already in his second year in the top category and a rider who in five races was able to become the most valuable piece on the market, as well as the only one in the slightest able to worry Pecco Bagnaia) and the perspectives for a future which will have to live up to the story of whoever gave this team its name: Valentino Rossi.

THEThe first knot to untie is precisely that of Marco Bezzecchi. It is clear that everyone wants it and Ducati wants it even more, which obviously has an advantage over any other pretender. “If Ducati wanted to bring Marco to Pramac I wouldn’t be enthusiastic – he explained – The objective of a satellite team is to bring riders to the official team, not to another satellite”. There is no controversy in the affirmation of the Tavullia manager, but the clear desire to try to keep Bezzecchi by identifying a solution that can satisfy both the rider, the Ducati and the Mooney team. “I’ve already spoken to Gigi Dall’Igna twice – he continued – I told him that I would like Bez to continue in Team VR46 with a factory Desmosedici and a direct contract with Ducati. But I am also ready to do step backindeed I really do, because Gianluca Falcioni, his manager, deals with matters concerning Marco’s contract. I would hate to lose the Bez, but I’m calm because I’m also aware that we can’t think of keeping it with us for life and it is right for him to follow what he deems best for his career“.

All topics which, however, there will be time to talk about, with the more immediate future which, however, is called the Italian GP. “At Mugello we will have an updated technical package – added Uccio, suggesting that, although Valentino Rossi is still personally linked to Yamaha, the relationship with Ducati And practically unbreakableGigi always gives us something to go a little faster and put ourselves in a position to work at our best. We have a technical package that works very well thanks to Gigi and Ducati, even though our Desmosedicis are from last year. It’s still the world champion bike, it’s super tested and our riders really like it. It’s true that the factory Desmosedicis will be updated during the season and ours much less so, but in this extreme MotoGP the differences could remain minimal”.

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