F1 – Gp Monaco 2023: Ferrari aims straight for victory!

F1 – Gp Monaco 2023: Ferrari aims straight for victory!
F1 – Gp Monaco 2023: Ferrari aims straight for victory!

The wait for the Monaco Grand Prix has never been higher in recent seasons. The sixth stage of the world championship, often lacking in emotions on Sundays, in relation to a layouts which leaves little room for maneuver in close duels, represents a very tempting opportunity to subvert the natural course of a season marked so far by the domination Red Bull. We hope there Ferrari.

The peculiarity of the track enhances the talent of the drivers and lends itself to minimizing the weaknesses highlighted by the single-seaters on the permanent tracks. In the late afternoon of Sunday we will find out if the race in Principality of Monaco will have an invigorating effect on the state of health F1 or it will be conquered by the Austrian battleship.

Scuderia Ferrari mechanics at work on Charles Leclerc’s single-seater

The return to format weekend classic will allow engineers to maximize the setup of the single-seaters, inevitably focused on maximum performance over one lap. For the Scuderia Ferrari the Monegasque stage takes on different meanings. If from a technical point of view, the atypical nature of the circuit does not offer feedback significant on the goodness of the project and small corrections there will be introduced on SF-23the team of Maranello he is called to demonstrate that he is capable of seizing the first real opportunity of the season.

It is pleonastic to say that a possible success of the Reds in the Monegasque toboggan could also be the flag goal of the 2023 season, using football jargon. However, it will be essential to understand whether the team will have learned from its mistakes, precisely in the place where the strategic crime took place which deprived the red’s riders of an easy one-two finish in last season’s edition. If the F1-75 came to the race of Monk with the underdogs, the same cannot be said of the SF-23 which, while showing good performances in qualifying, is a distant relative of its progenitor.

A smiling Charles Leclerc in “his” Montecarlo

Luckily of prancing Horse the speed of Leclerc on the flying lap it seemed even more evident in this start to the season, in which, despite not having the best single-seater on the grid, it is almost always able to fight with Verstappen And Perez on the edge of the thousandths.

Ferrari: Vasseur does not hide the ambitions of the redhead

In yesterday’s day Frederic Vassur in the usual Thursday interviews, for once, he didn’t resort to conservative statements. The objective of the team from Modena is to conquer the pole position and the victory.

The safety of the transalpine team principal is certainly supported by the speed qualities of Charles Leclerc in the crucial stages of qualifying which on this track represents a sort of mortgage on the race. However, just Leclerc he failed to transform the last two poles caught between friendly walls into as many successes. Qualifying in the narrow streets of the city-state is full of pitfalls due to the nature of the circuit. In the first place, the reduced length of the route requires management of the track position perfect in order to allow an optimal warm-up lap of the tires and the creation of the time trial with a clear track.

Frédéric Vassuer, Team Principal of the Scuderia Ferrari

The second pitfall is the yellow/red flags that can burn set of new tires or in the worst case prevent the completion of a run. Management whose ownership is entrusted to the strategic area which last year showed all its limits and which after the organizational revolution will have to continue to demonstrate the change of pace as underlined by Vassuer.

As stated by the sports management manager of Maranellothe work over the weekend will be aimed at optimizing the handling of the single-seater, a decisive factor in providing Charles And Carlos a single-seater that is precise in cornering and reactive in traction. The French manager confirmed that on SF-23 there will be few correctives compared to the basic specification of the single-seater as the imperative of the weekend is to optimize the material used so far, avoiding corrupting performance with further variables deriving from update.

As foreseeable, the true development of the car of the prancing Horse will be translated directly into the next round in Spain. The sensation is that in Monaco land a possible affirmation of the red is anything but impossible but the logical consequence of a weekend that must be free from smudging.

Author: Roberto Cecere – @robertofunoat

Photo: F1, Scuderia Ferrari

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