Are the waters of Lombardy contaminated by Pfas? A map, a graph and the Greenpeace complaint

Pfas they are chemical and artificial substances, highly persistent and harmful to human health. As reported by the investigative unit of Greenpeace Italythese substances are present in Lombard waters intended for human consumption (i.e. drinking water, used for the preparation of food and drink, as well as for other domestic uses).

Gods about 4 thousand samples analysed between 2018 and 2022, collected by the responsible Lombard bodies, almost 19% of the total (equal to 738 samples) resulted positive for the presence of Pfas. The highest percentage of contaminated samples concerns the province of Praise, with 84.8% positive for the presence of Pfas. The provinces of Bergamo and Como follow, respectively with 60.6% and 41.2%. The Milan area is in the middle of the table, with a fifth of positive analyses.

Looking at the ranking of the Lombardy provinces by number of contaminated samples, that of Milan holds the sad record for the largest number of surveys in which Pfas were detected (as many as 201) in drinking water. Brescia (149), Bergamo (129) and Monza (118) follow it.

According to what was declared by MM Spa, the company that manages the water service of the Milanese city: “the results of the analyzes in the 335 samples of water intended for human consumption taken in the city of Milan in 2021 and 2022 (results provided to Greenpeace) are absolutely reassuring and confirm that the measured values ​​of these substances are absent or far lower than expected by EU Directive 2184 ”. In this regard, Greenpeace specifies that: “observing the results, it can be seen that part of the water in Lombardy would be considered undrinkable according to the new parameters proposed in the United States (13.1%) or those in force in Denmark (13.4%).” Finally, there is a focus on the fact that “in most cases, the bodies did not specify when the samples referred to well water and when to that which comes out of the tap at home. Furthermore, pollution risks being greatly underestimated, if one considers that the analyzes conducted so far are partial and non-capillary.”

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