Metro, train and bus timetables in Milan

Metro, train and bus timetables in Milan
Metro, train and bus timetables in Milan

Metro, Atm buses and trams, Trenord and Trenitalia trains, Autoguidovie buses, taxis: on Friday 26 May, due to the general strike, practically all means of public transport are at risk. In Milan, road traffic will most likely be red dot due to the use of private cars. The unrest, which has a national character, was proclaimed by the Usb union, as announced on the website of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. The reasons for the protests were manifold: from more general ones such as Italy’s involvement in the war in Ukraine, to more specific ones such as the reduction of working hours to 32 hours per week, the introduction of the crime of homicide at work, and wage increases of 300 euros.

The timetables of the ATM vehicles for the strike

In Milan, as confirmed by the Milanese transport company, the service of the surface lines (buses, trolleybuses and trams) and ATM underground lines will be guaranteed until 8.45am and from 3pm to 6pm. The actual stoppage will depend, as always, on the participation of personnel: the last time USB crossed arms, on February 17 together with Cobas, 25.35% of workers stopped.

Warranty bands for Autoguidovie buses

As for Autoguidovie, the journeys of lines 201, 220, 222, 230, 328, 423, 431, 433 will be guaranteed from 5.30 to 8.29 and from 15 to 17.59. Likewise, the service of the Como Brunate funicular, managed by Atm, will be guaranteed until 8.30 and between 16.30 and 19.30.

The Trenord train timetable for Friday 26 May

Trenord trains are also at risk, also due to a local strike. The reason is the adhesion to the protest of the staff of Ferrovienord Spa, the one who manages the infrastructure where the regional trains move. The company of Piazzale Cadorna explains it well in a note: from 00.00 to 23.59 on Friday 26 May 2023 a strike is planned which the staff of the infrastructure manager Ferrovienord Spa could join and which could have repercussions on the railway traffic of the following lines:

  • Milan Cadorna – Canzo/Asso, Como Lago, Novara North, Varese/Laveno North
  • Brescia/Iseo – Edolo
  • Suburban lines S2, S3, S4 and, for the section managed by Ferrovienord, also the lines S1 Saronno – Milano Passante – Lodi, S9 Saronno – Seregno – Milano – Albairate and S13 Milano Bovisa – Pavia.
  • The Milan Cadorna/Milan Central/Milan Porta Garibaldi – Malpensa Airport and S50 Malpensa Airport – Bellinzona airport connections.

Furthermore, in conjunction with the local strike, a national railway transport strike is also planned from 9 to 1.59 which will instead affect all the railway lines in Lombardy. The following guarantee time slots will be active for the lines running on the Ferrovienord infrastructure:

• trains with scheduled departure times between 6 and 9 and between 18 and 21 will travel and arrive at the end of the journey.

Attention: from 21.00 on Ferrovienord Spa and mixed management lines, there may be repercussions until the end of the service.

The following guarantee time slots will be active for the lines running on the Rfi infrastructure:

• trains will travel and arrive at the end of the journey with departure time scheduled by 9 am and departure time by 10 am. The service will resume at 6 pm.

For FerrovieNord/Rfi mixed management trains, the estimated departure time from the Milano Bovisa and Seregno stations must be considered.

For the Malpensa Express service, in the event of train cancellations, non-stop buses will be set up:

• between Milan Cadorna and Malpensa Airport (from Milan Cadorna they will depart from via Paleocapa, 1);

• between Busto Arsizio FS and Malpensa Airport, on the S50 line.

In the time slot 9 – 17, in conjunction with the strike which Trenord staff can join, the trains of the S50 line could be limited to Stabio and replaced with buses in the Stabio-Malpensa section.

Trenitalia train timetable for the strike

As far as Trenitalia trains are concerned, according to what is reported on the website, the personnel of the FS Italiane Group go on strike from 9 to 17, with the exception of the Emilia – Romagna Region. “There are no changes to the circulation for long-distance trains. Regional trains – they write – may undergo changes or cancellations. Union action can lead to changes to the service even before the start and after its conclusion. More information on the others FS Italiane Group web channels, information offices, customer assistance and ticket offices. A call center is active 800 89 20 21”.

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