Weather alert today May 25, 2023, then everything changes

Another day of rain and thunderstorms in a month of May which so far has given us a lot of rain and very few sunny days. The civil protection hydro-weather alert for Thursday 25 once again provides for the “red” and orange “code” for hydraulic risk on part of Emilia Romagna. The alert will be orange and yellow on the westernmost part of Piedmont and on Emilia Romagna itself, but this time for possible hydrogeological criticalities. Yellow code, again due to hydrogeological risk, also in Tuscany and part of Abruzzo.

There are also 4 other yellow regions due to thunderstorm risk: Lombardy, once again Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Sardinia. The risk zone map is summarized in the infographics below.

What happens in Emilia Romagna

In Emilia Romagna unfortunately it rains in the wet. “The day of Thursday 25 May – reads the bulletin of the regional civil protection – will be characterized by the development of thunderstorms, even of strong intensity, which in the first part of the day will affect the lowland areas, while in the central hours they will be more likely on the hills and they will run out in the evening”. The rains, explain the civil protection again, “could generate modest increases in hydrometric levels in the mountain stretches of the watercourses, critical for the basins of the central-eastern sector, still affected by hydraulic instability caused by the previous floods”.

For this reason, the bulletin reads, “critical hydraulic red conditions will remain in the plains of Bologna, Ravenna and Forlì, due to the difficulty of disposing of water overflowed by watercourses, which weigh on the secondary and reclamation network”.

Another risk is that new episodes of hydrogeological instability may occur: “In the central-eastern mountain and hilly areas of the region, favorable conditions are confirmed for the development of landslides due to sliding and flowing along the slopes characterized by fragile hydrogeological conditions”, the civil protection still explains . And again: “In the areas affected by thunderstorms, there may also be runoffs, with possible landslides along the road network and elevations in the hydrometric levels of the minor network. Furthermore, there remains the possibility of evolution with worsening of the landslides already activated following the rainfall of recent days in the areas of Bologna and Romagna”.

A phase of good weather is coming (with some thunderstorms)

Between Friday and the weekend the weather should be mostly sunny, although there will be some local instability phenomena. As early as Friday, 3BMeteo explains, temperatures will rise again in the Center and especially in the North. On Saturday, showers will be possible from early morning on the upper Val Padana and Piedmont and in the following hours near the central-western Alps and in the Ligurian hinterland. Finally, some precipitation could affect the inland areas of the Center-South and the major islands, especially between Lucania and Calabria. But the good weather will be the master almost everywhere.

And so it will also be on Sunday 28 May. Some episodes of instability could occur in the afternoon always near the Alps and in the internal areas of the Center-South. Locally, the showers may also cross over to the lower Tyrrhenian and Ionian coasts. By evening, however, the phenomena will be exhausted.

Unknown for the long weekend of 2 June

The long weekend of June 2 is still an unknown factor. The reason is that with the anticyclone once again far away we will still be exposed to the arrival of other disturbed fronts. In particular, 3BMeteo explains, “an unstable impulse driven by colder currents of Scandinavian extraction seems intent on decreasing latitude, probably with retrograde motion and moving towards central Europe and the Alps. This would lead to a further intensification of the episodes of storm instability over most of Northern Italy, but also over the Apennines”. However, this is a trend that should be taken with caution as the situation is evolving. Further updates coming soon.

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