Trans taken with batons by the Milan police, the version of the agents and the threat: “Don’t arrive alive”


TO Milan the controversy is still raging over what happened on the morning of Wednesday 24 May 2023 in which one trans woman of Brazilian origins was attacked and beaten with a baton by the local police during the arrest. The attack, captured in a video that went viral on social media, is at the center of an internal investigation by the club which has already examined the report of Command 2 involved in the beating.

The reconstruction

The investigation into what happened in Milan is led by pm Tiziana Siciliano who is entrusted with the task of clarifying what happened. The images circulating on the web speak for themselves, but the report provided by the Command will have to be evaluated during the investigation.

According to what emerged from the videos, the “cast iron” intervened in via Giocosa to report the trans woman who was yelling at passers-by and when the local arrived, complete with an ambulance, the woman was transported away. Then, at via Castelbarco, the attack after the escape attempt. The trans was then attacked with pepper spray and baton blowswith the images that have been around the web and outraged everyone.

The defense of the policemen

But the local police officers of Milan are not there and respond to the accusations of those who point the finger at them on the basis of a video. I cast, in fact, in the report presented they reconstructed the facts exactly.

According to what emerged, a superintendent, with an assistant and two agents, would have acted after the report. In the report sent to Command 2 in the prosecutor’s office it is written that the trans, who has specific precedents dating back to 2010, once stopped and allowed to board the local car began to attack the officers.

First he would have started to bite his hand until it bled and then “spit and threaten to have AIDS”. She later attempted to harm herself with metal clips. At via Castelbarco she allegedly feigned illness and after kicking the officers she attempted to escape.

The report then goes into detail in the offending part of the detention. “Violent leg kicks“, “agent fell disastrously to the ground causing her injuries” reads the report, with the agents who wrote that the trans was immobilized by the superintendent then helped by the agents who “seeing colleagues in difficulty used the spacer stick at the fugitive’s address“.

The sentence of the trans

In the report, then, also emerges a picture of verbal violence that the trans woman addressed to the agents. According to what is written, in fact, after the arrest and before the attack, the woman would have threatened the castirons.

You two don’t make it to tonight alive, I’m crazy” the words addressed by the trans to the agents in the car, while biting her hands and spitting blood in the direction of the agents.

The investigation and the measures

As mentioned, the episode is being examined by an investigation opened immediately and entrusted to the prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano. Meanwhile, the four local police protagonists of this story have been taken off the street and assigned to office work.

All four agents they will therefore be heard today by the prosecutorswith the unions raising the wall in defense of the cast iron: “They have already been convicted and it is a shame”.

Photo source: ANSA

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