Born premature on a cruise ship, intervenes Gaslini – Liguria

Born premature on a cruise ship, intervenes Gaslini – Liguria
Born premature on a cruise ship, intervenes Gaslini – Liguria

Small in stable condition

(ANSA) – GENOA, APRIL 28 – A French tourist gave birth to a 32-week-old baby aboard the Costa Toscana, sailing towards Genoa. The little one was rescued by expert pediatricians from the Gaslini hospital who intubated him and transferred him to the Pediatric Department. The Neonatal Pathology staff of the G. Gaslini pediatric hospital was called to help the baby and went on board, activating the Sten, the neonatal emergency transport service. The initial highly critical conditions made it necessary to immediately intubate the newborn on board the ship to stabilize his highly critical conditions. Gaslini neonatologist Federica Mongelli together with professional nurse Denise Ruaro also managed the transport. “We found the newborn in serious breathing difficulties, with a very low temperature which is one of the problems of small preterm patients together with the need for intravenous fluid supply” explained the neonatologist. Thanks to timely help, the conditions of the newborn are now stable: the baby is undergoing intensive care and at the moment no complications typical of prematurity have been detected but we will have to wait a little longer before “dissolving the prognosis”. The mother of French nationality is at Gaslini in good condition.

The baby was born at 4.40 in the hospital on board the Costa Toscana: the on-board medical staff ensured the successful outcome of the birth with their intervention, and in the following moments provided the best possible assistance, given the circumstances, to the mother and baby. The ship’s command and the medical staff promptly activated the Gaslini hospital so that the rescue of the newborn and the mother could take place as soon as possible, also anticipating the ship’s arrival in Genoa.

Costa Cruises thanked the staff of the G. Gaslini pediatric hospital and the ship’s staff. (HANDLE).


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