Artistic gymnastics, Italy wins the Jesolo Trophy! Fairies unleashed, world score. Manila Esposito in triumph – OA Sport

Artistic gymnastics, Italy wins the Jesolo Trophy! Fairies unleashed, world score. Manila Esposito in triumph – OA Sport
Artistic gymnastics, Italy wins the Jesolo Trophy! Fairies unleashed, world score. Manila Esposito in triumph – OA Sport

Italy won the 2023 Jesolo Trophy, the very classic Magnesium Powder now in its 14th edition. Our national team prevailed in one of the most prestigious and internationally loved events, once again demonstrating its caliber in the panorama of artistic gymnastics. The European Champions triumphed with the luxurious score of 164.934, or two tenths less than the response that last year allowed the girls of DT Enrico Casella to triumph in the continental review. A result that gives greater weight to today’s affirmation of the blues, six figures sent to the USA which have decided not to appear in the Lagoon as they used to do instead: this Italy, in a typical formation, would have easily stood up to the World Champions and would have played it on an equal footing. Excellent signs when there are only ten days left before the European Championships in Antalya: there won’t be a team event in Turkey, but the Azzurri can make us dream on an individual level.

Italy won the Trophy for the second time in historyfourteen years after the seal of 2009 (even on that occasion the Americans were missing), at the end of a competition of exceptional level and soiled only here and there by a few snags: vaulting and uneven parallels were fantastic, beam steps forward are marked, in the free body only three elements were competed and the result was brought home. Manila Esposito triumphed in the individual general competition, conquering the Dragon as only Lia Parolari had managed to do in 2009. An award that ended up in the hands of absolute champions such as Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Shawn Johnson: which bodes well for the bell, which has grown impetuously in recent months.

The 16-year-old was extremely continuous and precise: the superb 14.000 (5.7 the starting note) on the free body and the 13.967 (5.7) on the uneven bars stand out, also noteworthy is the 13.700 with the twist and a half on the vault, unfortunately fall exiting the beam (12.767, 5.5). Alice D’Amato has unleashed an exercise bordering on the surreal on the beloved asymmetrical parallels (14.733, 6.3 the D Score) and she excelled with the double twist on vault (13.867), but unfortunately a springboard off the beam (12.967) and a fall on the triple twist on floor exercise (12.500) forced her to second place on the complete lap (54.067 ) behind 54.434 Manila.

To complete the podium of the complete lap was Angela Andreoli (53,000). The Brescian completed a good beam (13.200, 5.6), was very skilled in squared (13.400), 13.4 with the twist and a half on the table and 13.000 on the bars. Giorgia Villa gave two sumptuous flashes: show on the uneven bars with 14.167 (5.7) and then excellent 13.967 (5.6) on beammaking it clear that they can dream big towards the continental review. Asia D’Amato is back in blue as all-around European Championafter the injury remedied in the past continental event: she excelled with the dty on vault (13.900) and then brought back into competition the jump on which she had hurt herself last year (13.700), decidedly tonic on the parallels (14.100 starting from 6.0) and then a very thick beam (13.633, 5.5 the starting note). Martina Maggio is having Achilles tendon problemswas only seen on the parallel bars (12,833) and will not participate in the European Championships.

The podium of the team competition was completed by South Korea (154.834) and Spain (152.167). Fourth place for Canada A (152.033, not with the formation capable of conquering the bronze medal at the World Cup), fifth place for the revised Japan (151.701). The Specialty Finals will take place tomorrow afternoon (starting at 14.30).

Photo: Photo LiveMedia/Filippo Tomasi

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