Black paint in the Barcaccia fountain in Rome, the blitz of the latest generation environmentalists

Black paint in the Barcaccia fountain in Rome, the blitz of the latest generation environmentalists
Black paint in the Barcaccia fountain in Rome, the blitz of the latest generation environmentalists

Last Generation environmentalists strike again and this time they do it in Rome. There Barcaccia fountain, in Piazza di Spagna, was filled with black liquid on the morning of Saturday 1st April. Environmentalists have said it is a charcoal-based paint, explaining the gesture as an act to raise public awareness of the issue of climate change.

Black paint in the fountain, stop three people

The carabinieri intervened on the spot and arrested three people who are probably part of the Last Generation. These are two men and a woman, who according to the reconstruction paid the liquid in the Barcaccia fountainone of the most famous fountains in Rome.

The position of the three arrested is being examined by the Carabinieri of the Information Unit: they risk a complaint for damage.

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The tweet of the Last Generation activists

The gesture was claimed on Twitter by Last Generation activists. Thanks also to the mild day, Piazza di Spagna was full of tourists who witnessed the story.

In the video relaunched by Last generation activists can be seen pouring liquid into the fountain and explaining the reason for the gesture to those present.

Some passers-by are also seen trying to stop the activists.

Gesture against climate change

“It is absurd that this gesture shocks you, when we are experiencing a drought emergency that is putting agriculture, energy production in crisis … in short, our very livelihood, and there are those responsible”, reads the post relaunched by Ultima Generazione .

And again: “Those in power are causing enormously worse devastation, before our eyes. How can we accept that we continue to give money to those responsible for pollution and destructive weather?”. On 17 March last Generation activists had smeared the facade of Palazzo Vecchio.

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Fontana della Barcaccia in the viewfinder, it is not the first time

It is not the first time that the monuments of Rome have been defaced. In January 2008 the stairway of Trinità dei Monti, a few meters from the Barcaccia fountain, was invaded by thousands of colored balls. The year before, however, the Trevi Fountain had been filled with red paint.

Two blitzes always signed by Graziano Cecchini. Furthermore, the Barcaccia fountain had been damaged in February 2015 by supporters of the Feyenoord away in Rome. The next round of the Europa League will pit Roma against Feyenoord, but the away game will probably be banned for Dutch fans.

Photo source: ANSA

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