Rampelli’s (FdI) law proposal: fines of up to 100 thousand euros for those who use foreign words: social storm

Rampelli’s (FdI) law proposal: fines of up to 100 thousand euros for those who use foreign words: social storm
Rampelli’s (FdI) law proposal: fines of up to 100 thousand euros for those who use foreign words: social storm

A law in defense of Italian language and against “linguistic foreigners”. It is the latest proposal made by Brothers of Italy to punish with fines of up to 100,000 euros who “uses non-Italian terms primarily in public administration”. There law proposal was presented to the House by Fabio Rampellivice president of Montecitorio, and bears the signature of about twenty deputies of the Brothers of Italy.

The draft law of the Brothers of Italy in defense of the Italian language

The text, made up of 8 articles and presented on 23 December, contains “provisions for the protection and promotion of the Italian language”. fromobligation to use the Italian language for the use of goods and services and for any public communicationin school activities and university, in work relationships and in the organizational structures of organizations and companies.

The obligation concerns primarily the public administration and public bodies, but also i private they are no exception: the law intends to prohibit the use of foreign acronyms or names for roles in the company, unless they can be translated, and the use of Italian is required in internal regulations and documents intended for employees.

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In addition to school and in university courses in a foreign language are tolerated only if justified by the presence of foreign students.

Fines of up to 100,000 euros

For those who violate these obligations, the bill provides for one fine up to 100 thousand euros. “The violation of the obligations under this law entails the application of an administrative sanction consisting of the payment of a sum from 5,000 to 100,000 euros”, reads the text.

In addition to the various obligations, the law also establishes the “Committee for the protection, promotion and enhancement of the Italian language”.

Fabio Rampelli is the first signatory of the bill

The reasons for the law

The battle of Rampelli in defense of the Italian language it’s not new: also in the past legislatures the exponent of the Brothers of Italy had presented similar law proposals and to establish a “Superior Council” against the abuse of foreign languages.

“Those who speak only Italian today risk the failure of incommunicabilitybut the even greater risk is that the beauty of a complex and rich language like ours is lost”, reads the bill.

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According to Rampelli there is a concrete risk of extinction for the Italian language, threatened by “obsessive strangers” which risk “in the long term of leading to a collapse of the use of the Italian language until its progressive disappearance”.

“According to the latest estimates – reads the text of the proposal – from 2000 to today the number of english words merged into the written Italian language increased by 773 percent”.

Hence, according to the Brothers of Italy, the need to replicate what was done by France and Spain, which have adopted similar measures in the past.

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The controversies

The bill has unleashed the storm on social media, including memes and ironic comments. Many have pointed out that i first to pay the fine they should be members of the government e party comrades by Rampelli.

As Adolfo Ursoowner of the Made in Italy ministry, and the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloniwho on the day of her inauguration at Palazzo Chigi, in the speech filed in the Chambers, defined herself as an “underdog” of politics.

There is no shortage of political controversy. Benedict DellaVedova of +Europa tweeted: “What will be the next step, Mr Rampelli? Cancel the day hospital? Abolish streaming and downloads? Going back to calling Panatta’s sport tennis? Promoting the correct use of the Italian language is acceptable, doing it with autarkic prohibitions and sanctions is comical”.

While Charles Calenda he commented on Twitter: “Today a titanic battle is underway for the palm of the crazier stance between Ignazio La Russa and Rampelli, who presents a law against those who do not use the Italian language in public institutions and investee companies”.

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