Milan and Lombardy transport strike on 31 March: times and guarantee bands

New day of passion for public transport in Lombardy and, in particular, in the capital Milan: on Friday 31 March the members of the autonomous Cobas union cross their arms, protesting “against the liberalization, privatization and tenders for the services currently managed by the Atm Group and for the re-internalisation of contracted and subcontracted LPT services”. The union is also asking for a salary increase of 150 euros net for all local public transport workers.

This strike called by Cobas will be joined by the one called by the Osr Faisa Cisal union, which instead concerns the transport managed by Autoguidovie, a public transport company that operates in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna.


The strike of Cobas members could lead (and the conditional and obligatory, because the percentage of participating workers will be in doubt until the end) the stop of public transport in the following times:

Instead, they will be respected warranty ranges of the service:


La Faisa, i.e. the Autonomous Italian Federation of Rail and Tramway Operators, Internavigators and Traffic Auxiliaries, has called a second strike, again for Friday 31 March 2023 but for only four hours, in the afternoon. However, four hours are important for public transport and the strike could create major disruptions.

In fact, the vehicles will be able to stop in the areas of Paderno Dugnano, Monza and Brianza, South-West and South-East Milan, Voghera, Pavia, Crema and Cremona, in the following times:


The bulk of the inconvenience deriving from the two concurrent strikes will probably be caused by the stoppage of ATM workers. In fact, the Milan transport company manages the public service not only in central Milan, but also in 96 municipalities in the metropolitan area.

We are talking about 5 underground lines, 17 tram lines, 4 trolley lines, the Como-Brunate funicular, the MeLa “people mover” for San Raffaele and 121 bus lines. To these messengers are added those of Autoguidovie, all buses (some of which on behalf of Atm in Milan).

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