Itinerant ‘legality week’ for 1,600 homeless students – Campania

Itinerant ‘legality week’ for 1,600 homeless students – Campania
Itinerant ‘legality week’ for 1,600 homeless students – Campania

From the ‘Marconi’ di Giugliano they were evicted seven months ago

(ANSA) – NAPLES, MARCH 19 – For seven months they have no longer had a seat but the approximately 1,600 students of the “Marconi” high school in Giugliano (Naples) did not want to give up celebrating the “Legality Week”, addressing various issues topical: from bullying to cyberbullying, from environmental protection to waste management, from gender-based violence to the Camorra. And they did it in an ‘itinerant’ way, in other schools, just as they are forced to attend lessons only in the afternoon.

The students had the opportunity to meet various experts. And on every occasion – in the presence of the head teacher of the ‘Marconi’ Giuseppina Nugnes – they have claimed their right to have a seat, like all the other students in the country.

The students of the “Marconi” were guaranteed that after the eviction from their institute in via Basile in Giugliano which took place last September to start renovation works (not yet started) they would have an alternative location by the first days of January 2023. To date – between a reassurance and a postponement – they still don’t know when they will be able to have sufficient structures to welcome them all. In fact, more complexes would be needed. At the moment for only one (which will then be insufficient to accommodate about sixty classes) the works are still in progress. The jurisdiction lies with the Metropolitan City of Naples. The Municipality of Giugliano has given the availability of one of its structures, but all the administrative procedures should be very rapid in order to be able to readapt the building within the next month of September. A situation that prompted the commissioner of the Campania Region School, Lucia Fortini, (present at one of the meetings) to express very harsh judgments. And so also the “Legality Week was itinerant: it took place in the three high schools of Giugliano (where the boys are welcomed in the afternoon), and in the branch of Qualiano.

Among the appointments of the week of legality there is also a trip to the Gelsomino theater in Afragola to watch a theatrical performance “Era Destino”, on the theme of gender-based violence. (HANDLE).


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