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Around 1pm todaySunday 19 March, a big avalanche it broke off in the Vesses gully, above Courmayeur, overwhelming a group of skiers, two of which are currently missing. Some skiers who witnessed the detachment raised the alarm. The adverse weather conditions, combined with the lack of visibility at high altitudes, make the use of the helicopter impossible at the moment and the rescuers set off on foot. A team, made up of technicians from the Aosta Valley Alpine Rescue, soldiers of the Alpine rescue of the Guardia di Finanza and a resuscitator is already on the move. A second group will start from Val Veny instead. The place of detachmentconsidering the difficulty of the callers in defining exactly the point, was circumscribed by the Sav operator to the rescue centre, also thanks to the information relating to the departure of the skiers, who had moved from Youla. Making operations complexin addition to weather conditions, is also the instability of the snowpack. It is not yet known whether any skiers were involved. (source aostasera.it)

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