Locatelli meets people in central Umbria hit by the earthquake – Umbria

Locatelli meets people in central Umbria hit by the earthquake – Umbria
Locatelli meets people in central Umbria hit by the earthquake – Umbria

“The government is close to you” underlines the minister

(ANSA) – UMBERTIDE (PERUGIA), MARCH 19 – “The meaning of this visit is to show the proximity to the mayor, to the citizens, to the territory on the part of the government and myself as a minister. Also to understand what happened and to better understand what is needed”: this is what the Minister for Disabilities, Alessandra Locatelli, told ANSA on Sunday afternoon on a visit to the village of Pierantonio, in the municipality of Umbertide, one of the most damaged by the earthquake. “I know that the president of the Region Donatella Tesei is already in contact with the minister Nello Musumeci and that she has already sent all the documents to ask for a state of emergency. It seems to me only right to be here and imagine how to start again”, she added.
“I see a state of insecurity and uncertainty in the eyes of the administrators and citizens. It is right to support them with your presence”, Locatelli underlined again. “Now – he added – we need to understand how to move safely to ensure that everyone can return to their homes and daily life as soon as possible”.
The minister recalled that among the displaced “there are also 23 fragile people evacuated from their homes and placed in safety”.
“This – he said – is another issue on which to reflect a lot.
In the event of an emergency and serious situations, such as this one, it is advisable to act with a protocol that serves the whole country, because these calamities can happen anywhere. In this sense, a dialogue is open with the other ministers”.
Locatelli before leaving Pierantonio stopped to talk to some citizens of the hamlet, in front of the only bar left open. Among the people greeted by the minister, also Giulia, a 101 year old woman.
Among others, Locatelli was welcomed in the village square by the president of the Umbria Region, Donatella Tesei and the mayor of Umbertide, Luca Carizia. (HANDLE).


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