Miccichè, the betrayed friendship and that experience in Forza Italia

Miccichè, the betrayed friendship and that experience in Forza Italia
Miccichè, the betrayed friendship and that experience in Forza Italia

March 19, 2023, 4:14 pm


Dear Director,

When someone asks me for a comment on things that I don’t consider worthy of attention, I always answer in the same way: I’m busy today, I’ll take care of the useless things tomorrow.

That was my intention, in fact, but I couldn’t resist. As you certainly know, I was a close friend of Gianfranco Miccichè, until, from a certain moment on, he himself decided not to be anymore.

I was sorry, but I thought that everyone had the right to choose and give priority and value to what they thought could really matter to them. I speak, therefore, as a free man without the conditioning that can derive from being a courtier, but also without the conditioning of that hatred which now, I see, animates those who recently occupied the front rows of the Court of Miracles.

To me those who exalt its defects today make me laugh.

Director, do you know why?

For the simple reason that without those defects, many of these would today be walking the monkey or at most confined to being neighborhood bosses (politically I mean), a role that, to tell the truth, they could have carried out very well. Forza Italia over the years has been full of these scientists and many of these who could barely make soldiers, instead became colonels, later complaining that they did not become generals. I believe that the real inventor of the theory, one is worth one, was Gianfranco Miccichè.

But one thing must be said: there are exceptions. I have to say that I didn’t know what Miccichè had promised Giulio Tantillo to be candidate for mayor.

I asked myself: Could it be that Miccichè was referring to the metaverse?

Verratti bought himself an island in the metaverse. Miccichè, perhaps, he will have thought that in the Tantillo metaverse Palermo could be bought and thus could give vent to his aspirations, becoming Mayor. And in any case, I understand Tantillo’s surprise at learning that Roberto Lagalla had been preferred to him.

He must have thought “but what does he have more than me?? Aren’t we both professors?” Sure, Roberto Lagalla was Rector, regional councilor twice, professor of “diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy” at the University of Palermo, author of over 450 scientific publications, but who is compared to the immensity of political knowledge of Julius Tantillo?

Believe me director, it was a real bastard.

And what about this story that didn’t make him a candidate for the national teams? Director, let me tell you. A bad story. “He had also put me before the prospect of running for national elections; a promise that was regularly disregarded and others were nominated in my place”, said poor Tantillo with rightful bitterness. Director, let’s tell the truth. But is this a leader?

Does someone who doesn’t nominate Giulio Tantillo for the nationals after having already nominated him in the previous elections behave like a leader? “Est modus in rebus: Sunt certi denique fines, quos ultra citraque nequit consistre rectum. The poor guy hadn’t been elected. He is right to complain, he only made him ‘President of the City Council’. He who for two councils had been ably at the service of Mayor Orlando. But wasn’t Tantillo the leader of the opposition? Director, you must be confused. What does he want to do?

Each of us is occasionally cretin, imbecile, stupid or crazy. Let’s say that the normal person is the one who mixes all these components to a reasonable extent, these ideal types, said Umberto Eco. Director, can I tell you? I realize more and more that it is really difficult to have a sense of proportion.

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