A2 F – Colpaccio Ti-Ristrutturo Vigarano, Ancona conquered

A2 F – Colpaccio Ti-Ristrutturo Vigarano, Ancona conquered
A2 F – Colpaccio Ti-Ristrutturo Vigarano, Ancona conquered

First away success in the league for Ti-Ristrutturo Vigarano, which coincided in one of the most important matches of the entire season, the one on the Basket Girls Ancona field: 48-53 the final score of a match played essentially always on the tracks of balance, with the red and whites, who finished with Perini, Piedel and Cecili in double figures, Sammartino (13 rebounds) and Olajide dominating under the scoreboards, good at playing a capital performance in defense for the second consecutive time.

After 20′, the first, on the tracks of balance, Mataloni did well on one side, Perini, Sammartino, Cecili and Bocola on the other, the mini break will be from Ti-Ristrutturo which, halfway through the third fraction, brings Vigarano on + 10, 31-41 in the 25th minute, before the excellent final of the Doric period, signed above all by Mataloni. At the start of the last 10′ the new tie arrives at 41, then Piedel is very good at taking the chair (41-46 in the 33rd minute), before the final which is forbidden to the faint of heart. In the 39th minute, Mataloni scores the 48-49, then Perini only makes a free throw for 48-50. The finish is very excited and the free throws become decisive: -9″ from the end Cecili makes 2/2, then Bona misses the -2 basket, before Olajide’s rebound. Mataloni commits an unsportsmanlike foul on Piedel who, with the last free throw, seals the final 48-53. Very important success from a play-out point of view for Ti-Ristrutturo, which next Saturday (Pala Vigarano, 6.30 pm) will host the Stella Azzurra Roma of the former Bonfiglioli Ferrara coach Jonata Chimenti, “fresh” from success in sprint against Matelica (59-58) Next Saturday will be another play out match not to be missed.

“During the first 20′ we had good offensive choices and good reads – the words of the red and white assistant coach Gianluca Mancinelli after the match -, the problem is that we suffered a lot from their offensive rebound physicality, we stretched the attack a little in the first time. During the break we focused on improving that aspect, allowing fewer offensive rebounds and increasing the pace in attack. We didn’t score as we expected, but it was a difficult field, we knew it would be difficult to score a lot, good for the second consecutive game to get a much lower average points conceded than usual. We only conceded two attacking rebounds in the second half, we controlled the match, despite a few too many mistakes in the free throws. Team success”.

Basket Girls Ancona-Ti-Ristrutturo Vigarano 48-53 (12-11, 26-29, 37-41)
Basket Girls: Rimi, Bona 11, Mataloni 18, Albanelli 7, Maroglio, Pierdicca 2, Pelizzari ne, Gianangeli, Rylichova 4, Mandolesi ne, Pelliccetti 2, Yusuf 4. All.Piccionne.
Ti-Renovation: Piedel 11, Perini 12, Bocola 6, Olajide 4, Cecili 10, Sammartino 8, Edokpaigbe 2, De Rosa, Calanca ne, Armillotta. All. Crickets.
Referees: Bernardo and Capatan.
Notes: exit for 5 fouls: Maroglio.

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