Inter-Juve, a classic of honor and prestige: in the Italian derby, the best is always to come | First page

Inter-Juve, a classic of honor and prestige: in the Italian derby, the best is always to come | First page
Inter-Juve, a classic of honor and prestige: in the Italian derby, the best is always to come | First page

Self Simone Inzaghi And Massimiliano Allegriinstead of questioning, albeit amiably, for establish who is actually second in the standings – Inter at 50 points or Juventus who boast 53 on the pitch but were penalized by fifteen -, had they thought about playing a little better, perhaps Napoli would not have won the Scudetto five months early.

Instead, demonstrating that Spalletti has done and is doing another championship, even the Derby d’Italia (according to Breriana’s definition) fades as a side match in a A league perhaps more interested in that of Rome.

Inter-Juve it is always a classic like the Milan-San Remo, however it will hardly help to draw up definitive verdicts in key Champions League. The difference is made by the penalization of the black and whites who, even if they succeed in the impossible feat of finishing in the top four, would almost certainly be further punished with another subtraction of points (there are two other sporting trials. Juventus, Allegri and the players know it, like a new management and almost totally wrapped in silence.

Of course this is not a good reason to quit. Quite the contrary, I have convinced myself that the encirclement syndrome is becoming an advantage. Therefore Juventus will go down to San Siro with three priorities. First, to win to repeat the success of the first leg and make Inter’s certainties waver in view of the semifinals of Italian Cup. Second, don’t miss a fetish challenge for the respect of your fans. Third, demonstrate that the goal of the Europa League it is more than possible if you manage to play on par (or better) than Inter who are in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Of course, neither will it be training for either, even if it is fair to recognize that the two teams have many absentees (Inter half defense, Juve half attack), both come from two passages in the European cups (and, in my opinion, Inter spent more), they face, for various reasons, a nebulous (Juve) or in any case uncertain (Inter) corporate future.

Therefore, write that the Derby of Italy it is played on honor or prestige it is not anachronistic or, worse, rhetorical. But it responds to a perhaps dormant need (certainly not by the fans), which comes back on every time you take the field. Direct supremacy between two clubs is at stake tonight who, until 2006, when Juventus was relegated to the table, had never been in B. Also following Calciopoli, two scudetti were revoked from the black and whites and one was awarded to Inter. Too much not to believe that the rivalries are still bitter and a full result is not celebrated as a triumph.

Yet, knowing the pragmatism of the two coaches, I am convinced that they would be willing to willingly lose tonight, in order to spend the round in Italian Cup and earn, to the detriment of the antagonist, a final that weighs heavily.

Obviously bartering is not contemplated and everyone will do the best they can. Inter are more thirsty to avenge the first leg, Juve are more proud. I predict a bad game that ends without winners. Merry, I put it in writing, wait and start again. Inzaghi restarts after waiting. Same game system, same principles. It will hardly be a good game, even if it could be exciting, in the sense of giving some sudden twists. Absolutely I do not expect a challenge to the death. The best, with Inter-Juve, must always come.

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