20 and 23 March Massimo Ghini and Paolo Ruffini on stage with “Almost friends”

20 and 23 March Massimo Ghini and Paolo Ruffini on stage with “Almost friends”
20 and 23 March Massimo Ghini and Paolo Ruffini on stage with “Almost friends”

“Take life lightly, that lightness is not superficiality, but gliding over things from above”. Italo Calvino, with these few simple words, he had already managed to grasp the importance of facing certain life problems lightly. This is the keyword of the show “Almost friends”, compelling and profound story of two men who discover the value of friendship despite being totally different. It will be possible to see the performers on stage, Massimo Ghini And Paul Ruffini, Monday 20 March to the Municipal Grandinetti Theatre Of Lamezia Terme And Thursday 23 March to the Municipal Theater of Catanzaro, at 21. The event organized by LOVES Calabria and supported by Ministry of Culture – General Directorate of Entertainment and from Calabria Regionis financed with PSC Development and Cohesion Plan 6.02.02 resources.

“Almost friends” it is a show that manages to balance the comic side of the story with the more profound and dramatic one, resulting in a theatrical piece built with all the ingredients required for a performance worthy of the stage. Credit goes to the director Alberto Ferrariand the actors Massimo Ghini And Paul Ruffiniwho with ease have managed to adapt for the theater what was born for the big screen.

The story told in 2012 by the directors Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano in the homonymous film is actually inspired by the real life of Philippe Pozzo of Borgo And Abdel Yasmin Sellourespectively the sick person (Ghini) and his carer (Ruffini). The two, after an initial collaboration animated by mistrust and misunderstandings, will develop a close friendship that will go beyond their diversity and their everyday problems.

As the director Alberto Ferrari declares, «”Quasi Amici” is an important story, one of those stories that deserve to be shared and told. Even with the language of the deepest emotions: the theatrical one». Words that prelude a fantastic journey between feelings and in the depths of a friendship that grows over time and that transmits emotions to the spectators «who must however strengthen themselves with precise words and symbols on the stage in order to be able to refer all of us to a shared imaginary with which to make our own dialogue. And participate».

The protagonists of the story, Philippe and Driss, are played by Massimo Ghini And Paul Ruffini which, within a splendid setting, will bring the whole story back to life with the verve that has always distinguished them. With the lightness invoked by Calvino, they will be the ones to involve the public with a story that will make people smile even in particularly delicate situations and facts.

Massimo Ghini he takes his first steps as an actor right in the theater, working with directors such as Frank Zeffirelli, George Strehler, Vittorio Gassman And Gabriel Lavia. From that moment his career will also land in the cinema, alternating comic and dramatic roles, between “Classmates” Of Charles Verdone, “My Friends – How It All Began” Of Black Relatives And “Everyone is fine at home” Of Gabriel Muccino, just to name a few. Ghini is also a face present on the small screen with TV series for streaming platforms. Among his most recent works “The New Pope” Of Paolo Sorrentino And “Battle Study” Of Simon Sword.

Paul Ruffini arrives in the world of cinema with a small role in the film “Ovosodo” Of Paolo Virzi. She often has a preference for roles that have a certain comedic bent, such as “Christmas in Miami” Of Black Relativesbut taking part in projects that go far beyond simple laughter, such as “Males vs. Females” And “Females versus Males” Of Fausto Brizzi. Always attentive to important social issues, Ruffini is a director of documentaries such as “Up & Down – A normal movie” And “Lost Mind”. For television he has presented in programs such as “Hitlist Italy” on MTV and “Colorado”.

Tickets for the show “Almost friends” they can be purchased at the ticket office of the Teatro Comunale in Catanzaro and at the ticket office of the Teatro Grandinetti in Lamezia Terme, or consult the website www.amaeventi.org for online purchases. For further information, you can contact the secretariat at the telephone number 0961.741241 and 389.0670191 for Catanzaro, and 0968.24580 and 334.2293957 for Lamezia Terme, or by contacting us at the email [email protected]

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