Sunday 19 rains in the Centre-North

Sunday 19 rains in the Centre-North
Sunday 19 rains in the Centre-North

The high pressure promontory which has ensured several days of stable and sunny weather over Italy is temporarily weakening in the Centre-North where on Sunday 19th the advanced part of a perturbation will arrive (the 7th of the month) which will bring many clouds but few significant rains in Sardinia, Liguria and the middle Tyrrhenian Sea. In the South and in Sicily the weather will remain quite sunny and rather mild with temperatures around 20 degrees.

TO start of the week the same perturbation, with its most active part, sliding towards the southeast, will bring scattered rains to the Center and Sicily on Monday, while Tuesday some rain will move towards the southern regions. A new rise in pressure will follow and a mainly stable and sunny weather phase with temperatures increasing further with values ​​even exceeding 20 degrees in the Centre-South, typical of early May. In the North, the scarcity of rainfall will continue with further aggravation of the drought of the water emergency.

Weather forecast for Sunday 19

In the South and on Sicily fairly sunny weather with only a few passing veils, especially between Campania and northern Puglia. Scattered cloudiness in the rest of Italy, with even skies cloudy or very cloudy in the North-West, the middle Tyrrhenian Sea and Sardinia; some rain in Tuscany, Umbria and upper Lazio; isolated phenomena also possible in Sardinia and North-West regions.

Stationary temperatures or slightly decreasing in the Centre-North, slightly increasing in the South and in Sicily where the maximum temperatures will approach 20 degrees. Moderate southern winds with slightly rough seas between the Ligurian Sea, the western Tyrrhenian Sea and the Strait of Sicily.

Weather forecast for Monday 20

Time mostly sunny in the northwest, apart from some significant clouds in the morning over eastern Liguria and eastern Lombardy; large clearings during the day also in the North-East.

Mostly cloudy in the Center with scattered rains, locally moderate. Scattered but more irregular and variable cloudiness in the rest of Italy with some rain in Sicily and southern Calabria In the evening it improves in Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and central-northern Lazio.

Temperatures minimal mostly slightly increasing. Slightly increasing maximum temperatures North, in decline instead in the Center and Sicily. Moderate or tense Sirocco winds with rough seas in the channels of our two major islands, light winds and calm or slightly rough seas elsewhere.

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