Covid Victims Day, Molise also remembers its over 700 dead

Since 2020, the March 18th it has become a day of remembrance for all the victims that the pandemic has caused. Our small region which boasts few more inhabitants than an Italian city like Catania or Bari counts more than 700 victims.

For three years now, the lives of all of us have been turned upside down between lockdowns, the number of victims that was growing dramatically, the strength and resilience of healthcare workers and all those people who have seen their businesses fail. This day, however, is dedicated in particular to all those who have not been able to see our country flourish again.

Today’s date was not chosen by chance, as on 18 March 2020 army trucks transported the coffins of those who had not made it out of Bergamo and that photo, which has remained imprinted in the collective imagination, today comes back to mind with great bitterness.

Today Molise remembers the victims with various celebrations. The committee”Truth and dignity for covid-19 victims” took to the square in Campobasso amidst white balloons and wreaths of red flowers, to raise awareness on the subject, with poems and messages of pain and remembrance.

Flags in all municipalities today fly at half-mast.

The president of the Molise volunteer service center also expresses his condolences, “The pandemic emergency from Covid-19 has brought to light the heart, the spirit of initiative, the tenacity and the resilience of the volunteers who have carried out a unique job and given material and moral support to hospitalized people, to those who could not move freely, thanks to the restrictions sanctioned by the Dpcm, and to people affected by serious losses – the words of Gian Franco Massaro, president of CSV Molise -. Our thoughts and our embrace go out to them today. This experience has demonstrated, once again, what the strong motivations of our associations are and how volunteering is the lifeblood of society. A thought and a thank you to them and to all the doctors who have faced very difficult moments”.

How many times have we wondered what caused the pandemic, what was the origin of this evil and why did it happen to us? Formally, Covid first spread to Wuhan (Hubei, China) which generated a strong collective sinophobia, but science, especially scientists studies conducted by the Department of Zoology of the University of Cambridge they explain how global warming has changed the forest climate in southern China creating the perfect conditions for these viruses to appear and spread, and the situation does not seem to be improving at all.

Too often we are convinced that what happens to us is a divine sign or a great one bad luck, fperhaps also to take responsibility away from our own actions. The truth is that we can always do something, whether it’s becoming a volunteer and helping people in need or adapting our habits to a sustainable lifestyle in line with the world we live in, because what will happen to us will only be the reflection of our actions.

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