Events in Abruzzo: Inauguration of the Clap Museum, the new exhibition center entirely dedicated to comics in Pescara

Pescarabruzzo Foundation inaugurates the Clap Museum (Comics · Lab · Art · Pescara). The new exhibition center entirely dedicated to comics – reads the text published online.

The Undersecretary for Culture, Vittorio Sgarbi and “the Michelangelo of Comics”, Tanino Liberatore, open the day of ceremony with the authorities and the public – the online article adds verbatim.

December 8, 2022
3.00 pm – institutional greetings
4.30 pm – open to the public
Via Nicola Fabrizi, no. 194 – Pescara

Permanent exhibition: one of the most significant collections of Andrea Pazienza, 324 works on display – reads the official website.

Temporary Exhibition:
“Tanino Liberatore – reads the online note on the official web portal. Of bodies and fragments”
8 December / 26 March 2023
Over 100 works, of which 70 unpublished and never exhibited in Italy, with special sections dedicated to eros, to the legendary character Ranxerox, to Liberatore’s reinterpretation of superheroes and to the artist’s relationship with music, history and poetry –

«We are delighted, as the Pescarabruzzo Foundation, to be able to inaugurate this new space dedicated to the Ninth Art with such an important collection of works by the legendary Andrea Pazienza and with a temporary original by Tanino Liberatore – Both artists have been contaminated, also by truly human experiences experienced, from the fertile experimental and cultural laboratory of Pescara in the 70s.
The exhibitions dedicated to them want to be the very emblem of the place that hosts them: a space that is both a symbol of modernity and industrial archeology, transgressive and alternative, a building site open to the most lively ferments and to the free and powerful expression of the Ninth Art». declares Nicola Mattoscio, President of the Foundation – reads the online note on the official web portal.

The event will begin at 3.00 pm outside the museum complex with the ribbon cutting and will continue inside with a short tour through the permanent and temporary exhibitions. The ceremony will be closed by institutional greetings with the conclusions of the Undersecretary, Vittorio Sgarbi.

At 16:30 the CLAP Museum will open its doors to the public in the presence of Tanino Liberatore, defined by Frank Zappa as “the Michelangelo of comics”, protagonist of the exhibition Of bodies and fragments.

At 17:30, the appointment is with the cartoonists, animators and authors Simone Angelini and Marco Taddei who will talk with Luca Raffaelli, journalist, author and historian of comics, and with Claudio Curcio, President of COMICON (organizer and partner of the Foundation for the temporary exhibition).

The inaugural event will be concluded by the genius of Tanino Liberatore who will perform a spectacular live drawing performance for the public – the online article adds verbatim.


CLAP Museum

Via Nicola Fabrizi, 194 – Pescara

Opening hours 10:30 – 13:30 / 16:00 – 20:00

Full admission 8.00 Euros; reduced 5.00 Euros

General Secretariat Service

Pescarabruzzo Foundation

Corso Umberto I, n. 83 – 65122 Pescara

Tel. 085/4219109

Fax. 085/4219380

www.fondazionepescarabruzzo – reports the article verbatim online. en

LT 05-12-2022

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