Three “brains” from Puglia on the podium of the most cited researchers

Three “brains” from Puglia on the podium of the most cited researchers
Three “brains” from Puglia on the podium of the most cited researchers

Maria De Angelis and Giancarlo Logroscino for the Aldo Moro University. Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli for the Polytechnic of Bari. They are the three «Researchers highly cited in the field of the Cross-Field» in the annual ranking of Clarivate, one of the most accredited international companies in the analysis of data relating to scientific and academic research.

Since 2001, the “Highly Cited Researchers” ranking identifies the scientists who have produced the most cited publications thus exerting a significant influence on international research. The latest report selected 6,938 researchers from all over the world with reference to 21 research areas, of which 104 are Italian. The Bari teachers are included in the “cross-field” which has 3,244 transversal scientists or researchers with interdisciplinary skills (and influences).

Professor De Angelis, who heads the Department of Soil, Plant and Food Sciences (Disppa), deals with Microbiology, Food Science and Technology, Agriculture, Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology, Nutrition and Dietetics. It has 68 as its H-Index (which is the criterion used to quantify the prolificacy and scientific impact of an author, based both on the number of publications and on the number of citations received) and, as shown by the English Clarivate database, she is cited 14,100 times and her name appears in 9,044 articles.

Among the most recent ones with major influence on others’ work are “Regulation of cholesterol metabolism by bioactive components of soy proteins”, a study on bile acids and “the dynamic interaction between genes, environment and the gut microbiome” and “FoodOmics as a new frontier to reveal the microbial community and the metabolic processes that occur in the fermentation of table olives”.

The professor. Logroscino, which has already obtained three similar consecutive awards from 2018 to 2020 and has an H-Index of 78, deals with Neuroscience and neurology, Public, environmental and occupational health, General and internal medicine, Psychiatry, geriatrics and gerontology, operating between the University of Bari and the Panic Hospital of Tricase. In his profile there are 39,724 times in which he has been cited and 30,789 articles in which a study in his name appears. “Clinical and demographic factors and outcome of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in relation to the ancestral origin of the population” is one of his most recent articles that is particularly cited.

The professor. Messeni Petruzzelli who teaches Innovation Management in the Department of Economic-Management Engineering at the Polytechnic has numerous works cited in various fields from marketing to management to social sciences as seen from some of his most cited works ranging from the impact of university- businesses, to industry 4.0 with a research on the “mapping of digital technologies for the integration between supply chain management and marketing”, to a study on patents to “understand the development trends of low-carbon energy technologies”.

On average, highly cited researchers are 1 in 1,000 of the global population of scientists and social scientists. Highly cited articles rank in the top 1% of citations for one or more fields and year of publication in the Web of Science. Of the 6938 included in the ranking, 466, or the largest portion, are clinical doctors. Followed by biologists and biochemists (303), chemists (270), molecular biologists and geneticists (206), scientists dealing with the environment and ecology (202), neurosciences (225), materials sciences (222) and immunologists (214).

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