Regasifier, the ship is approaching Tuscany

Regasifier, the ship is approaching Tuscany
Regasifier, the ship is approaching Tuscany

Saturday 18 March 2023 – 21:35

The regasification ship approaches Tuscany where it is expected on Sunday night in the port of Piombino. During the day you skirted Sicily.

The Golar Tundra on its journey from the Suez Canal proceeds escorted by the Navy.

As some photos shared on social media by the Navy show, the units of the Safe Mediterranean Operation #OMS device are alongside the Golar Tundra “Flexibility of use and promptness of intervention of the naval team to protect the interests and infrastructures of the nation” reads the post on social media.

The arrival at the port of Piombino is expected after 10 pm on Sunday 19 March with entry into the port with stationary ferries. The Tuscany Region has announced that “The Golar Tundra regasifier ship will enter the port of Piombino on Sunday night” and on Monday 20 March at 1.30 pm there will be a meeting with the press at the mooring root square, first extension of the Battery pier, with the president of Tuscany and extraordinary government commissioner for the Piombino regasification terminal Eugenio Giani, Massimo Derchi and Elio Ruggeri, managing director of Snam Rete Gas and CEO of Snam Fsru Italia.

Meanwhile, a summit was held at the police headquarters in Livorno to organize the plan to ensure order and public safety.

Docking maneuvers require the use of four tugs and should take a few hours until docking at the East quay of the North dock of the port.

Today, Saturday 18 March, the portal which tracks maritime traffic for free positions the Golar Tundra along the coasts of Sicily.

According to the operating plan, the necessary tests for the commissioning of the regasification terminal at the beginning of May are scheduled for the next few weeks.

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