Emilia-Romagna attracts students and workers: almost half of university students are off-site – SulPanaro

Emilia-Romagna attracts students and workers: almost half of university students are off-site – SulPanaro
Emilia-Romagna attracts students and workers: almost half of university students are off-site – SulPanaro

Emilia-Romagna continues to be an attractive region. They highlight it data on transfers of residence from Istat source and from those of the Ministry of University and Research relating to students enrolled in a degree course elaborated by Art-ER and available online on the Regional Economy Observatory.

During 2021 there were approx 67.8 thousand people who have decided to transfer one’s residence to Emilia-Romagna, coming from other regions or from abroad. Those who instead have decided to leave the region were fewer in number (around 39.5 thousand), thus determining a positive migratory balance, equal to 28.3 thousand more residents than at the end of 2020 (6.4 new residents for every thousand inhabitants). Of these, 15.6 thousand these are the extra people from abroad, to which are added 12.7 thousand people from other regions, mostly from southern Italy. 70% have foreign citizenship (20 thousand people more in the year), compared to 8.4 thousand more Italians.

Among the Italians, also in 2021, for the 14th consecutive year, the migratory balance with foreign countries it was negative: they were almost 7.3 thousand the people from Emilia-Romagna who moved their residence abroad during the year, while they stayed in 5.1 thousand Italians who have moved from abroad. I almost 2.2 thousand fewer Italian residents have thus contributed to worsening a balance which in the last 10 years has seen the net “loss” of almost 43.4 thousand residents (of which 8.6 thousand with a university degree).

These data explain the growth over time of the Emilia-Romagna community residing abroad and enrolled in theAIRE, the Registry of Italians residing abroadwhich at the end of 2021 had 242.3 thousand people, 4.2% of the total number of Italians registered at national level.

On the other hand, the balance regarding movements from other Italian regions was largely positive. During 2021 yes they are transferred almost in Emilia-Romagna 30.9 thousand Italians coming from the rest of Italy, compared with 20.3 thousand residence cancellations, resulting in a positive balance of 10.6 thousand more Italian residents, which increased the ten-year internal migratory balance to 105.5 thousand (of which 42.8 thousand with a university degree).

In the case of Foreign citizenson the other hand, both the foreign balance was positive (17.8 thousand more residents during 2021), and the one with the other Italian regions (2.1 thousand more people), helping to further strengthen the long-term balance: between 2012 and 2021 the net flow of foreign citizens who moved their residence to the region exceeded 218 thousand people.

These numbers do not include the off-site students enrolled in a degree course based in Emilia-Romagna. In the 2021/2022 academic year, among the almost 166 thousand enrolled in a degree course based in Emilia-Romagna (considering the four regional universities and the Piacenza campuses of other universities), 47.8% came from outside the region , the highest figure among the regions with the highest number of university students. I am 17.4 thousand university students residing in Emilia-Romagna enrolled in a degree course outside the region (corresponding to 16.7% of the total university students residing in the region). The university migratory balance, calculated considering the number of ‘non-resident’ students studying in Emilia-Romagna and Emilia-Romagna students enrolled outside the region, is almost 62 thousand studentsa higher value than that observed in the other regions.

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