Dolomiti Energia Trentino-Bertram Derthona: how it ended

TRENTO – Great comeback by Bertram Derthona in the last round of Serie A basketball. Coach Ramondino’s team beat Dolomiti Energia Trentino to the wire 75-73, at the end of a long run-up. The bianconeri were led by four players in double figures: Christon 13, Severini 14, Harper 13 and Radošević 14.


Bertram’s next match will be on Sunday 26 March at 7.30 pm at the PalaSerradimigni in Sassari against Dinamo Banco di Sardegna.

“We have to be excited about this win because this was a game with so many aspects of a playoff game” coach Ramondino said at the end of the match “We have played away against a team in excellent moment in both the Cup and the League, a tough, physical team in which in almost every position (apart from
beyond the centimeters) “we allow kg”. It’s not just a matter of physicality: it’s Trento’s type of choices and game that allow it to impose this characteristic. We played a very good match for more than 30 minutes; we struggled in the first half to find space and a minimum of ball movement when we played with the 2 pivots together (Cain and Radosevic). At that moment we also made several mistakes in defense, making mistakes in the transition and Trento was very good at punishing all those mistakes. The very positive thing was that already in the first half, one possession at a time, we started to get back into the game, without looking for too hasty solutions. In the second half I think we really played a very, very good game. Personally I am really satisfied with the team’s performance: beyond the contents, the work of coach Molin and what Trento does, for whom we have the greatest respect, made this a playoff basketball and winning away here is truly an important result”.


The match report taken from the Derthona Basket website

First period of great balance at the BLM Group Arena: after a first set in favor of the Lions, the hosts first get back in touch and then overtake (22-18). Bertram, at the start of the second fraction, suffers the sprint start of Trento (12-0 partial), which exceeds the double-digit margin. The Lions, in the following bars, find offensive fluidity and defensive balance and shorten up to 42-34 of the interval. Returning from the long break, Bertram, driven by Macura and Harper, makes an important effort on both half-courts which leads to the comeback and the counter pass (55-56 at 4’20”). Trento, in the last minutes of the quarter, produces a counter break of 10-5 which brings it back ahead 65-61 in the 30th minute;. The team coached by coach Ramondino regains command of the score (65-69) at the start of the last set thanks to a scorching 0-8 by Candi-Radosevic. After several excited minutes in which the score doesn’t move, Spaniard from the line scores the new Trentino -1. Baskets by Radosevic, Christon and Harper bring Derthona back to two full possessions (69-75 with 1’50” left). Lockett shortens
again 17” from the end of the match but in the final sprint it’s Derthona who has the upper hand by winning 73-75″.

Dolomites Energy Trentino – Bertram Derthona 73-75
(22-18, 42-34, 65-61)

Trento: Conti 1, Spagnolo 9, Forray 8, Flaccadori 8, Udom 4, Dell’Anna ne, Crawford 9,
Ladurner 2, Grazulis 9, Atkins 16, Lockett 7. All. Molin

Derthona: Christon 13, Mortellaro ne, Candi 6, Tavernelli, Filloy 3, Severini 14, Harper 13,
Cain 4, Radošević 14, Macura 8, Filoni. All. Ramondino

Photo Ciamillo

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