Cus Molise, precious victory on the field of the City of Massa

Cus Molise, precious victory on the field of the City of Massa
Cus Molise, precious victory on the field of the City of Massa


(1-1 first half)

City of Massa: Dodaro, Quintin, Ricci, F. Camero, G. Camero, Jodas, Quilez, Stagnari, Baracca, Bertoldi, Cattani, Marangon. All. Garzelli.

Cln Cus Molise: Mariano, Polisena, Ferrara, Lenoci, Di Stefano, Patriarchi, Di Lisio, De Nisco, Lucas, Debetio, Minervini, Barichello. All. Sanginario.

Referees: Billo from Schio and Agosta from Rovigo. Chrono: Landi of Prato.

Scorers: Barichello, Quilez pt; Barichello, Jodas (own goal), Cattani, Barichello st.

Note: Di Stefano, Bertoldi, Lucas, Quilez booked

Stronger than absences. The Circolo La Nebbia Cus Molise conquers the field of the City of Massa thanks to a great choral test and brings home a fundamental victory. Sanginario’s team arrives in Tuscany without Oliveira, Pacioni, La Bella and Triglia and must therefore make a virtue of necessity. The Rossoblù succeeded very well and with grit, heart and determination filed the case in the presence of a generous opponent who never gave up.

The Chronicle – Ready to go and Cln Cus Molise shows up with Barichello, fakes and shoots the ball over the crossbar. The number 24 is repeated shortly after with a personal action, ball to the side. Massa doesn’t stand by: ball in the center and Jodas is closed in low by Mariano. Cln Cus Molise pushes and passes: Barichello’s free kick that mocks Dodaro for the 0-1. Once the goal is collected, the Tuscans react. Marangon builds for Jodas, concludes rejected by Mariano. The challenge remains vibrant, Debetio’s defensive break that activates Lucas, the Massa goalkeeper is not surprised. The bianconeri gather courage, Quintin leads the assault from a corner, Mariano stretches and sends again for a corner. The hosts equalized when Quintin restarted from his own half and offered Quilez, the ball in the back of the bag and a rebalanced challenge. The Molisans reorganize their ideas but tremble when Jodas’s lash hits the post. In the end of the fraction the rossoblùs are still seen first with an exchange between Barichello and Lucas which does not end and then again with the 24 who from distance calls for a great intervention Dodaro, good at repelling a corner.

In the second half, the guests set off with their foot on the accelerator. Debetio offers to Barichello. The Brazilian also jumps Dodaro and deposits the new guest advantage at the bottom of the bag. Soon after comes the trio. Restart of Debetio serving Lucas. Ball in the center where Jodas deposits the 3-1 ball for the guests in his own goal. Sanginario’s team continues to command operations and Dodaro has to outdo Di Lisio the first time and Barichello the second time to avoid the fourth goal. The Città di Massa didn’t want to lower the white flag too early and showed up in the opposing area where Di Stefano was providential in saving on the line. Then the Molise lose the ball outgoing and Jodas only in front of Mariano sends to the side. The bianconeri want to get back into the game and Mariano’s closure is providential after Bertoldi’s shot. On the other front, a Lucas-Di Lisio restart didn’t end and a good chance to score vanished. The challenge remains in balance with the Città di Massa who makes up for it when on a postponement from the rear Mariano misses the timing of the exit and Cattani deposits the 3-2 on the net with an unguarded goal. Città di Massa believes it and plays the goalkeeper card (Dodaro). Bertoldi (twice) and Quintin give the Molise rearguard chills. Then in the closing stages of the match Barichello from his half of the pitch, with the goal unguarded, finds the final 4-2 goal. Three golden points arrive for Cln Cus Molise as confirmed by the coach Sanginario at the end of the match. “We knew we had to face a difficult match and so it was – he explains – we played it with grit and a lot of competitive spirit. We return home with three heavy points on a field where all the teams have found great difficulty”.

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