Varese attacked in Sassari. Technical knockout at PalaSerradimigni –

Varese attacked in Sassari. Technical knockout at PalaSerradimigni –
Varese attacked in Sassari. Technical knockout at PalaSerradimigni –

Technical knockout. Sassari surpasses Varese, in energy and above all in scoring. At the PalaSerradimigni a match ends 102-73 in which Dinamo, without Jones and Robinson, crashes Openjobmetis in a clear way to say the least.

Nightmare night for an Openjobmetis who has been chasing since the beginning of the match, remaining attached in some way for the first 20 minutes. Third quarter to say the least to forget for the red and white: the partial says 32-4, of which 22 scored consecutively by the Sardinians, with Varese who finds the first points after more than 6 minutes of recovery, with an attack that combines turnovers, breakthroughs and hit the iron. Brown and Johnson spend their fourth foul at the beginning of the third quarter, and there the game ends definitively.

Obviously, also the difference between baskets was abundantly reversed, after 87-81 in the first leg.

The best scorer for Openjobmetis is Caruso, who ends with 14 points. 13 points (almost all arrived in the fourth quarter) by Librizzi and 12 by Reyes.

For Dinamo, great performance by Diop (22 points and 8 rebounds) and Dowe (23 points, top scorer of the match).

The record

Obviously low gears on both sides: free throws by Gentile, baskets by Owens and Reyes. He scores a triple De Nicolao, then two free Librizzi. Schiacciatona by Dowe, and then again Librizzi adds points to his personal tally. Benches emptied: inside Virginio on one side and Pisano on the other, just waiting for the end of the game. Treier also scores from the line, then Reyes makes a mistake and puts the tap-in. Dowe’s game ends, recalled to the bench at 98-68. The very young Pisano scores the 100th point in Sassari. The final score is 102-73.

3rd quarter

To begin with, a bad loss by Varese, Kruslin escaped on the counterattack and scored with a foul. Bendzius attacks Johnson in low post: +14 Sassari. Varese is lost in attack between missed shots, turnovers and breakthrough by Ross. Dowe scores after another loss by Varese: urgent timeout by Brase at 58-42. He returns to the field with another loss, which becomes a triple from Kruslin. Breakthrough by Brown: fourth foul, and it’s the middle of the night for Varese. Stephens scores 63-42 only once, and then another breakthrough by Johnson: fourth foul for him too. The losses of Openjobmetis are wasted. Triple by Dowe, then also by Bendzius: 69-42. Varese appears really unloaded and hasn’t scored yet after 5 abundant minutes of recovery: Stepehens crushes on Owens’ head, Varese hasn’t scored yet in the fourth, of which the partial says 22-0. Interference called in Sassari: these are the first points of the quarter for Varese after 22 for the hosts: 73-44. Defends Diop, who then crushes Gentile’s assist. Librizzi also misses from three, while a dominant Diop continues to score undisturbed: 80-44 at 80 seconds from the buzzer of the fourth. Owens proudly with a chase down to Lebron, then support from Librizzi. Treier scores from three and ends the fourth and, in fact, the game: 83-46.

2nd quarter

Again Gentile for free throws, then Brown in acrobatics from the center of the area. Nice movement by Caruso who keeps Varese at -4, but Gentile keeps on scoring. De Nicolao supports two easy ones in the open field, then stolen by Brown, who on the counterattack is fouled and scores the two free throws: 31-29. Diop invents the placement from the average and then corrects the tap-in and is +6 Sassari. Infraction of Openjobmetis shot clock, and Brase decides to call timeout on 35-29. Again Diop with free throws, before Brown’s triple. Diop is on fire: he misses the offensive rebound and suffers the third foul by Brown. Caruso converts Johnson’s assist, but then Dowe sees himself again with the triple to make it 41-34. Lost by Johnson, and again Diop puts in two more after another attacking rebound: Brase timeout again at 43-34. Nice ball from Reyes for Caruso’s basket, 1/2 from Stephens, and then Caruso again after the roll. Gentile invents from below, this time Caruso makes a mistake and Dowe strikes again from three: 49-38. Ross hits the defense with the back door and Bucchi stops the game with his +9. Caruso scores after a rare low post. More offensive rebounds for Sassari, which become a good basket from Dowe, the last of the first half: he goes to the locker room at 51-42.

1st quarter

Usual quintet for Brase: Ross, Brown, Owens, Johnson and Woldetensae. Landlords, however, without Jones and Robinson. Dowe scores the first basket, complete with a foul by Woldetensae. Varese opens the match with a classic Ross-Owens alley-oop. Bendzius from below, forgotten by the defense, scores easily, and then Raspino’s fade-away. Owens again on an assist from Ross, but then Dowe again with strength and again with the foul, this time by Ross: 10-4. Johnson attacks, who makes 1/2 of the free wins, Sassari puts in 2 more with Stephens from underneath and then Owens makes a foul in attack, exactly like Stephens on the next possession. Brown misses from three his first trio of the match, but Brown himself dunks in the open field immediately after: 12-7. Inside Reyes, Varese allows two rebounds in attack and Bendzius scores from three. He crushes Owens alone inside the area, then blocks and launches Johnson on the counterattack: 15-11. Stephens supports from underneath and Ross makes 2/2 free throws as Caruso enters the field. Varese’s defense stops and Diop scores again from below without opposition. Pick & roll closed by Caruso, Varese still at -4. Two free throws scored by Gentile, then a triple by Johnson first and then by Reyes: 21-21. Two more free throws scored by Gentile, then captain Ferrero’s debut in the game, who immediately takes the triple, spat out by the iron, like Ross’s later. Diop and Gentile score in the quarter final. Brown’s last shot goes out on the rim: 27-21

Ball at two o’clock 20.45.

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