Serie A basketball, Trento wastes +17 against Tortona, Molin: “After the advantage, it’s a sin of optimism”

Serie A basketball, Trento wastes +17 against Tortona, Molin: “After the advantage, it’s a sin of optimism”
Serie A basketball, Trento wastes +17 against Tortona, Molin: “After the advantage, it’s a sin of optimism”

TRENT. The black and whites they struggle to rebound at the start of the race but immediately get back into the game with a partial of 16 points in the second quarter. The moment of thanks does not last long and Tortona gets closer again: 42-34 at the end of the first half.

Back on the parquet Macura spectacular and Tortona even took the lead, but with ten minutes to go, Dolomiti Energia was ahead by four points. Trento goes into blackout and suffers a run of nine points. The two teams remain there until the end but Flaccadori misses the possible overtime basket.

Coach Lele Molin is left with a bitter taste in his mouth who comments: “I’m sorry because we really did it two very good quarters, where the playing qualities have allowed us to gain an important advantage. We knew the match wouldn’t end there because Tortona is a team of expert players. In the second part we have come to lack of quality, having a few turnovers too many and our wingers struggled to find their way to the basket, closing with bad percentages. In the last few possessions, once we took the 17-point lead, we lost the thread in passing the ball. thinking the basket was bigger than it was. Bad percentages are the result of inappropriate choices. We could have done better, but it wasn’t easy to do better against this team.”


ACCOUNTS 5: the only one who can’t carve out a role in this race.

SPANISH 6: forces Tortona’s defense to commit important fouls, including Cain’s unsportsmanlike action. He fails to put his foot on the gas in the second quarter and loses a considerable number of balls (5)

FORRAY 6: it is spent from the bow and in general it is effective but it is certainly not decisive

FLACCADORS 5.5: he fights more than necessary with the iron, but above all he misses the shot of the possible draw. The 9 rebounds are not enough for a sufficiency.

UDOM 5.5: very convincing on the rebound, less from the arc.


Crawford 6: he can’t break through from three as usual, but he’s useful to the cause again with 9 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists.

LADURNER 5: just one shot and a basket, but it’s Molin who doesn’t give him space with only 4 minutes on the parquet.

GRAZULIS 6: a lot of talent that expresses with three shots and hooks in the post, but eclipses in the second half

ATKINS 6.5: a safety from the mid-range (top-scorer with 16 points) after the last unhappy outings, he initially suffers from Tortona’s centimeters under the planche, but finishes with 6 rebounds, 3 of which are offensive.

LOCKET 6.5: combines his usual lockdown defense with a considerable effort in the offensive phase, especially in the final when he gives (vain) hope to his teammates.

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