LIVE LBA – Tortona recovers 17 points and resists in the final in Trento

LIVE LBA – Tortona recovers 17 points and resists in the final in Trento
LIVE LBA – Tortona recovers 17 points and resists in the final in Trento

All black and white meeting at the BLM Group Arena: at 8.00 pm the tap-off between Dolomites Energy Trento And Bertram Derthona.

Guests register on the scoresheet JP Macuraabsent in the last day, while he remains unavailable Mike Daum.


Trento: Flaccadori, Spagnolo, Forray, Lockett, Crawford, Conti, Grazulis, Udom, Atkins, Ladurner, Dell’Anna

Derthona: Christon, Candi, Tavernelli, Filloy, Macura, Harper, Severini, Filoni, Cain, Radosevic, Mortellaro


Flaccadori, Lockett, Crawford, Grazulis, Atkins vs. Christon, Macura, Harper, Severini, Cain

Harper’s poster and an authoritative Cain under the basket launch the Piedmontese at 2-8 in just over 2′. Crawford revs up nailing on the counterattack, Atkins takes a cue and stops Cain in the comeback, then from the line Flaccadori signs the overtake 11-10 at 4’10”. Severini takes care of it, from distance, to stop the Tortonese fast, imitated by the new entrant Spaniard holding the +1 for the Aquila Grazulis can correct his mistake from 6.75 from the corner to extend to 19-15, then stuns everyone at the buzzer, from a greater distance, to confirm the lead. 22-18.

Forray also registers with a heavy shot, then Atkins is free for the long-two of +9. Ramondino immediately calls timeout after 40″ of the second period. Cain loses his lucidity: average airball, terminal foul on Conti, unsportsmanlike foul on Spagnolo. Trento takes advantage of it to go up to +15 with a miraculous triple by Forray. After 4′, a placement by Radosevic unlocks Bertram, who is finally able to build a good shot against the impenetrable rearguard of the Trentino team. 35-23, but, as at the start, it was Crawford who put his team back on track: winning semi-hook, 2/2 in the line, taking advantage of the bonus already spent by Ramondino’s boys Macura wasted Christon’s intuition on a goal kick, Severini goes short and wrong on a good front triple and on the other side he spends his second foul: Grazulis makes 1/2 and the Aquila reaches 40. Two concrete possessions in a row for Radosevic, who first signs a 2/2 and later he frees Severini for the bom ba. Tortona is back under double digits with 1’32” on the clock. Filloy misses the last opportunity to shorten: 42-34 at the interval.

A flash by Christon at the end of the 24 minutes brings Bertram immediately closer to -5, but Trento continues to attack with confidence and re-establishes the +10 with Flaccadori and 5 points in a row from Lockett, even if in the other half the Piedmontese big men find more times the retina. Suddenly, a 4 play puts Macura in the game and it’s worth -4 with 6′ from the 30th minute. Winning fade away by Harper, mess between Crawford and Atkins and the former Avellino throws himself into the area and supports the basket and fouls -1, 55-54. Macura relaxes on the counterattack and also finds the pass, which however lasts a few seconds before a support from Atkins as a reward for the rebound fight. Udom and Grazulis impose themselves near the basket to extend on +5, Filloy finds the target from a long shot and Udom scores 2/2: 65-61 at the last break.

The start of the fourth fraction was foul: 4 contacts punished by the trio in less than 50″, one of which brought Radosevic to the line for -2. The guests put the turbo on, with the Croatian ex Milan who also signed the tie , well primed by Tavernelli, while Candi overtakes with a volley from the table and Radosevic receives again from Cain for the and one. Timeout Molin on 65-69. Atkins has two opportunities from the average and interrupts the 0-9 run, then a festival of the wrong shot lasting more than two laps takes place. Spagnolo interrupts him from the line, with a 2/3 generated by a foul on the shot and by a technician assigned to Ramondino. 4′ from the end the host advantage, 69-71. We continue for a long time without scoring, until Christon stops and shoots for +4 at 2’18”. In 5′, from Radosevic’s +5 to the ex Pesaro winger’s basket, the partial is only 4-5. Tortona recovers possession after Molin’s timeout, with Harper who scores but doesn’t realize the additional. With 58″ left, Flaccadori makes 2/2 for -4, then Tortona burns 24″ with Christon missing his prayer, while Crawford misses an open triple from the corner. The ball remains in Trento: Lockett scores with a long-two and the guests send the throw-in to the stands. With 17.3″ he’s +2 away and the ball still goes to the hosts: Flaccadori completes a disastrous evening (2/12) with an average cross and time runs out after the rebound from the Piedmontese.

Bertram Derthona conquers a victory of character, in comeback, 73-75.


Trento: Atkins 16, Spagnolo 9, Crawford 9, Grazulis 9, Forray 8, Flaccadori 8, Lockett 7, Udom 4, Ladurner 2, Conti 1, Dell’Anna ne

Derthona: Severini 14, Radosevic 14, Harper 13, Christon 13, Macura 8, Candi 6, Cain 4, Filloy 3, Tavernelli 0, Filoni 0, Mortellaro ne

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