Energy, “Project Hybla” for the production of hydrogen and low carbon syngas

PALERMO (ITALPRESS) – On March 17, Sasol Italy, Sonatrach Raffineria Italiana, Snam and Edison presented the “Hybla Project” to the Authorities at the Sasol plant in Augusta. The ambitious initiative, which will require contributions at a European and national level, aims to create an innovative plant with a significant capacity for the production of hydrogen and “low carbon” syngas capable of also capturing and reusing the CO2 which will contribute to the decarbonisation process of the two sites (with a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 110 thousand tonnes per year). The Hybla Project can represent an extremely important step to accelerate the creation of a Hydrogen Valley in the Sicilian Region, with the potential to be among the largest in Italy. The initiative strengthens Sicily’s central role in building the European Union’s future hydrogen infrastructure. An area that stands out, on the one hand, for its great potential in terms of renewable sources and, on the other, for its strategic position. Furthermore, the launch of a “Sicilian hydrogen economy” will act as a driving force for the relaunch of the entire industrial sector, allowing the development of a value chain that will be able to stimulate various production sectors and promote local hydrogen. (ITALPRESS).

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