LIVE LBA – 4Q Pallacanestro Trieste vs Unahotels Reggiana, the live broadcast

LIVE LBA – 4Q Pallacanestro Trieste vs Unahotels Reggiana, the live broadcast
LIVE LBA – 4Q Pallacanestro Trieste vs Unahotels Reggiana, the live broadcast

After the setback in Brescia, the Trieste basketball returns to the Allianz Dome to receive a Unahotels Reggio Emilia well determined to leave the last place in the standings. But on the other hand, the Giuliani still don’t see the arrival banner of salvation and, thanks to the victory in the first leg match, played on December 4, 2022 during the 9th day, for 79-84 they also have to defend the difference between baskets. Debut of new signing Hudson, a wing guard, for Trieste while the turnover should send Burjanadze to the stands for Reggio

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1st quarter – Slow start for the two teams with Spencer unlocking the match after almost two minutes. After almost three minutes Reggio’s first points arrive with Diouf’s 2+1 which is worth 3-3. Trieste manages to create an initial advantage with Davis’s points of 9-5, but Unahotels responds with a run of 11-0 with Anim who brings him to 9-16. Great moment for Unahotels which with two triples in a row by Cinciarini and Hopkins reaches +11. Anim forced to leave the field after suffering a blow, Reuvers lost possession and Trieste managed to close the first half with a triple from Bartley del 16-24.

2nd quarter – Strautins replies to Spencer, Bartley’s bomb and Trieste shortens to -5. Bloody triple by Senglin who shortly afterwards scores the 25-33 basket in penetration. The hosts struggle to find the way to the basket and only after more than two minutes Campogrande scores -6. Bartley surprises the opposing defense in transition and Sakota timeout with Trieste back at -4 with just over 2 minutes to play. Anim finds Diouf under the basket for an easy support. Davis scores a free throw and opens a new set, this time in favor of coach Legovich’s team: after two from Bartley’s area, Davis shoots the triple for 35-35 and Bartley practically at the end of the +3: at the end of the first half Trieste ahead 38-35 on Reggio Emilia.

3rd quarter – Great start after the long break for Unahotels which restarts with an 8-0 run signed by Olisevicius and Senglin which brings Trieste to the timeout at 38-43 after less than two minutes in the third period. Bartley leads a 4-0 offset and Trieste goes back to -1. Olisevicius in a great moment continues to produce points, then Anim scores five points in a row and Unahotels takes a double-digit lead with Olisevicius’ free throws on a foul and consequent coaching that make it 42-53. Davis in step back scores in a difficult moment for Trieste which instead is good at restarting: on Davis’s triple of -6, timeout by Sakota. Coach at Reggio’s bench, Bartley scores three free throws from -3. Hopkins invents two big points from the post. Cinciarini bomb of 52-58 with 1:30 to go. First two for the former Lever but Reggio still hits from three with Hopkins. Naive foul by Diouf on Davis’ three-point attempt at the end of the quarter: 3/3. Third quarter which closes on 57-61 for Trieste over Reggio Emilia.

4th quarter

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