notice 22 internships Sicilian region payments taken

notice 22 internships Sicilian region payments taken
notice 22 internships Sicilian region payments taken

Still 189 young people awaiting payment for the internship, which ended three years ago. The risk, to date, is that these people may not get paid. Yet another proof of Failure of Notice 22which involved 1,741 trainees, of which only 170 were hired by companies in which they carried out their activity. “Thousands of unemployed kids have been left on the street after being trained, exploited as low-wage workers,” he said. Oreste Lauria, spokesman for the regional trainees of notice 22 of the Sicilian Region -. After 3 years, the story of the trainee payments of notice 22 is without a future solution: hundreds of practices are still blocked, bogged down by unresolved bureaucratic gaps. An anomalous situation that no institution of the Sicilian Region really wants to face”.

The spokesperson: “Forced to request the Citizenship Income”

As spokesman, Lauria asks for the intervention of the president of the Sicilian Region Renato Schifani, to find the solution to guarantee the rights of the trainees. In addition to the damage of the loss of emoluments, no possibility of employment has been envisaged for those who have remained unemployed after the internship carried out. Many of these young people, according to Lauria, have found themselves forced to apply for basic income as the only source of subsistence, others live in a condition of social hardship, with great economic difficulties.

“Politicians raise their salary, but they don’t think about us”

“Despite the enormous economic difficulties that the Sicilian people are forced to face – attacks Lauria – our ‘poor’ parliamentarians have managed to adjust their ‘measly’ salary of around 900 euros bringing it to 12,000 euros a month thanks to a diligent regional law of 2014. However, none of them bothered to include a project in the financial statements to promote the employment of all those Sicilian trainees who remained unemployed. We also address all the regional parliamentarians – added Lauria – so that they take note of our belonging as former trainees workers during their traineeship, lending manpower on behalf of the Sicilian Region and can present a work proposal in support of the trainees to finally be included in the world of work after having been trained through the notice of Notice 22. To date, however, we have been taken over by trainees, used as workers and sent home as cannon fodder, only to be underpaid after a long wait”.

The proposed amendments to Ars

Notice 22 and the results never achieved were a moment of reflection and discussion also at Ars, when the deputies of the Five Star Movement asked, for the future, to review the mechanisms behind the calls, to ensure that they do not become just a tool for the exploitation of the youth. For example, gods could be inserted stakes that prevent companies that have used trainees without then hiring them, from participating in subsequent recruitments. Another fundamental point, it is necessary to take into account, in the selection of companies, the real potential that these have to guarantee a job perspective, in order to offer young people real opportunities. “In summary – concludes Lauria – we have been committed to guaranteeing only low-cost labor on behalf of the Sicilian Region in favor of public bodies and private companies. We are tired of this situation and we no longer want to hear useless words but finally see concrete facts”.

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