LIVE LBA – Vuelle Pesaro vs Germani Brescia live 3rd quarter 24′

LIVE LBA – Vuelle Pesaro vs Germani Brescia live 3rd quarter 24′
LIVE LBA – Vuelle Pesaro vs Germani Brescia live 3rd quarter 24′

Eyes on the Vitrifrigo Arena where, together with Austin Daye’s return to Italy and Pesaro, a really important match is being played for Vuelle, who needs the two points to advance towards the playoffs, and Germani Brescia who, despite the victory in Coppa Italia and the playoffs won in the EuroCup, he can’t get out of the shallows of the relegation zone. Ball at two o’clock 20:30.

Statements from the coaches: for Pesaro Savignani: “We want to win again”. For Brescia Magro “Solid in defense, fluid in attack”.

Direct text.

1st quarter – Cheatham and Petrucelli: 2-2 after 1′. Viscontri collects two free throws, but with 7’51” Della Valle scores the triple. Kravic’s rascal hook with 6’54”. Triple by Petrucelli, lost by Abdur-Rahkman and Moretti’s foul makes Repesa incandescent, who catches the coach with 6’15”. Libero by della Valle and a field goal 6-11. Brescia misses the stretch, Moretti shortens by two with 5’13”. Rahkman and Cobbins bungle each other, and only with 3’07” does Petrucelli score again with 8-13. The Italian-American guard, however, sends Moretti to the line, who scores 2/2. Moss responds immediately with a triple, Cheatham writes 12-16 but Moss replies from the attacking rebound. With 1’46” Cheatham brings back Brescia +4. Cobbins dominates in the area but misses the additional shot; Totè replies in suspension but not Gabriel. However, the offensive rebound is from Cobbins, but Cournooh does not realize. Daye’s debut with 44 “, defensive rebound, do it immediately and free 2/2 with 19”. Burns closes in the 10th minute with a basket to make it 18-22.

2nd quarter – Cournooh starts with 2 free throws. Daye responded well for the first time, but then the five points signed by Gabriel (three)-Massinburg advised Repesa to call timeout 20-29 in the 12th minute. We arrive at 5’54” without anyone scoring, so it is Magro who calls timoeut after seeing some unpleasant blunders. After half the quarter, however, it is Carlos Delfino who registers for the scorecard, then Moretti triples and with 4’32 Magro immediately calls another timeout. With 3’48” Rahkman’s pace is bloody, but Cobbins and Petrucelli don’t sting. Tambone gains the line but makes 1/3 with 3’12”. He follows him in the lunette Della Valle 1/2 26-30. Cheatham in suspension with the -1 bomb. Free for Petrucelli 2/2, Moretti’s answer, Petrucelli’s winning run for Germani +3. Ping pong Moretti/Petrucelli, but Daye also goes for the free throws for the new +1 Brescia with 1’19”. Della Valle’s triple does not enter. Gudmundsson flies directly to the line from the defensive rebound and overtakes with the two free throws. It lasts a few seconds , just enough for Della Valle to score a counter-overtake tripe Pesaro’s action dies at 24″ leaving 14″ to play, but ends 35-37.

3rd quarter – Gabriel opens the scoring in the second half, but in the 22nd minute Moretti’s triple is worth -1. The archery smiles at Vuelle, Rahkman also succeeds for overtaking, and then Cheatham and Visconti follow 47-41 and Magro timeout with 5’59”.

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