Riccardo, the fatal crash and the mystery of the announced graduation. Dad: “We want to understand”

Riccardo, the fatal crash and the mystery of the announced graduation. Dad: “We want to understand”
Riccardo, the fatal crash and the mystery of the announced graduation. Dad: “We want to understand”

PADUA – Riccardo Faggin, 26, died in the night between Monday and Tuesday: his Opel suddenly went off the road, crashing into a plane tree along via Romana Aponense. However, many question marks still remain around the tragic accident.
Yesterday, in fact, everything was ready in the villa in via Monferrato in Voltabrusegana to celebrate the young man’s degree in nursing. According to what was told to the family, therefore, the 26-year-old should have graduated yesterday. At the UUniversity of PaduaHowever, there was no graduation session scheduled that morning. Riccardo Faggin, enrolled in the course of Nursing sciences since 2016, he hadn’t taken exams for some time now. The fact, verified by the university’s records, casts a dark veil over the whole event.
The Faggin family, already destroyed by grief over the loss of their son, only learned of the details related to his academic career in the early afternoon of yesterday. The boy’s father, Stefano Faggin, an entrepreneur and IT expert, had the strength to utter a few words: “We are trying to understand”.

Shortly after midnight on Monday, the Opel Corsa coming from Abano Terme towards Padua, a few meters after the descent of the railway overpass, swerves violently, invades the oncoming lane and ends up against a plane tree at via Latisana.
The intervention of the Suem 118 was timely, but the doctors could not help but ascertain the death. The firefighters, who arrived from the local detachment, secured the area and the local police diverted the traffic and carried out the investigations of the accident. The rescue operations of the firefighters ended after about two hours.

After attending the Scarcerle Higher Institute, in 2016 Riccardo had decided to enroll in the Faculty of Nursing Sciences at the University of Padua. His dream was to become a mountain rescue nurse. Among his passions, in fact, there was the mountain. He also enjoyed cooking and the night before the accident he had cooked dinner for his family. He attended the parish of San Martino in Voltabrusegana and was the animator of the activities. In fact, by the volunteers, he is remembered as a good, selfless and willing boy.
Riccardo leaves his mother Luisa and father Stefano, a volunteer of the Green Cross for sixteen years and president of Fidas Padova (blood donor group) from 2008 to 2011. Riccardo also had a younger brother, Enrico.

The suffering of Riccardo’s family members is profound, who wonder about the reasons for the boy’s death. The road accident in which Riccardo Faggin was involved, in fact, happened on the eve of the day in which he would have celebrated a milestone that, in fact, he had not yet reached.
“That was a road he often took to go home, he knew it well – says a family friend – Riccardo was a very good boy and we will all remember him with affection”. A witness, residing in the houses near the crash site, added: “I heard a bang in the middle of the night, everything shook, then the ambulance sirens.” The local police are carrying out investigations on the dynamics and the possible causes of the crash. The magistrate on duty did not order an autopsy on the boy.

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