The Infinite Number of Prof. Sergeyev at Unical

The Infinite Number of Prof. Sergeyev at Unical
The Infinite Number of Prof. Sergeyev at Unical

from FRANCO BARTUCCIThe Department of Computer Engineering, Modeling, Electronics and Systems Engineering (Dimes) of the University of Calabria organized a scientific meeting in the conference room of the University Club, on Monday 14 November 2022, to present the book by YD Sergeyev, R. De Leone (Eds.) “Numerical Infinities and Infinitesimals in Optimization”, Springer, Cham, 2022. Numerical infinites and infinitesimals in optimizationthis is the Italian translation of the book.

The volume, to which 22 researchers from different countries have contributed, with more than 350 pages, contains 14 chapters and the opportunity to find in a single text various results and techniques in optimization (linear, non-linear, global, multi-objective) using the Infinity Computer methodology.

The Infinity Computer, invented by Prof. Sergeyev and patented in several countries, is a new supercomputer with great scientific and industrial prospects. Many researchers from the Universities of Calabria, Bari, Camerino, Pisa, Rome and other Italian and foreign universities are already working in these directions.

The scientific event opened with institutional greetings from Prof. Francesco Valentini, Rector’s Delegate for Research Planning at the University of Calabria, who traced a perfect and passionate professional profile of prof. Sergeyev, the eminent scholar and researcher of Russian-Ukrainian origins who gives prestige to the Dimes department and to the entire University of Calabria; as well as by Prof. Stephen CurcioDirector of the Department of Computer Engineering, Modeling, Electronics and Systems Engineering (Dimes), University of Calabria.

«The event we are experiencing – said prof. Curcio – represents for me and for the Department that I have the honor of leading a moment of the highest significance; is not only the dutiful and well-deserved tribute to Prof. Sergeyev and Prof. De Leone, editors of the book Numerical Infinites and Infinitesimals in Optimization, but also the culmination of many years of study and research on a subject as fascinating as it is difficult: the infinite and the infinitesimal”.

The editors of the volume followed with an introduction on the Infinity Computer methodology (Prof. Sergeyev, Dimes) and the illustration of some of the most important results in constrained and unconstrained optimization (Prof. De Leone, University of Camerino, former President of Airo, the Italian Association of Operations Research

The professor. Manlius Gaudioso (Dimes) discussed the impact of the Infinity Computer paradigm in non-differentiable convex optimization problems. An Infinity Computer software simulator implemented in the Simulink visual programming environment, adopted in many industrial sectors to handle various problems of a practical nature, has been described by prof. Alfred Garro (Size

Prof Annabella Astorino (Dimes) then illustrated the use of numerical infinities in linear and spherical separations in supervised binary learning and in Multiple Instance Learning (MIL). Lorenzo Fiaschi and dr. Alexander Cudazzo (University of Pisa) have shown the use of the Infinity Computing methodology in the field of multi-objective optimization. Finally Dr Maria Chiara Nasso (Dimes) discussed the use of the Infinity Computer in the field of numerical differentiation in one-dimensional global optimization problems.

Professor Sergeyev’s invention, born in Calabria, opens up the possibility of introducing large industrial implications in Italy and abroad in an extremely short time. More information regarding the new computational paradigm with infinite and infinitesimal numbers can be found at

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