“We are shocked, it was a point of reference”

“A person of great competence, professionalism and extraordinary human traits”. This is the main memory of Paola Santini, the 58-year-old woman from Narni, who died on Monday afternoon in an accident along the Flaminia, between Gualdo and Vigne di Narni. Ù

She was well known in Narni and in many places in Amerino for the profession she carried out. Paola, in fact, had been an educator for many years at Cipss, the social cooperative, founded way back in 1981 and operating in the planning and provision of social-health, social-welfare and socio-educational services aimed at people and groups of people living at home. / outpatient, semi-residential and residential, both in agreement with public bodies and privately. The cooperative, a true institution in Narni, has always operated both in the Narni area and in the Amerino area where it has numerous centers scattered throughout the area. Paola has always worked in the Il Faro day centre, which deals with the assistance of disabled people and whose headquarters are located within the Beata Lucia institute in Narni. Just a short time ago the Lighthouse had inaugurated its own bar within the gardens of the structure and Paola Santini was responsible for this initiative.

It seems that on Monday afternoon, when the tragic accident occurred, Paola was traveling along the Flaminia state road while returning from a home visit regarding her work as an educator.

Emanuele Pasero, coordinator of Cipss, remembers this woman who was loved by all. “We have received with great pain the terrible news regarding the tragic and sudden death of Paola – he said – We are all shocked by what happened and we are still unable to realize the tragic end that has befallen this educator of ours. Paola had been with Cipss for thirty years and therefore everyone knew her and everyone loved her. She was a person of great competence, professionalism and extraordinary human traits, all characteristics that are essential to interpret the role of educator in the best way. Over these long years, Paola has been a point of reference for the new generations of educators. She leaves an unfillable void in our family.”

Great condolences are being aroused by the news of Paola’s tragic death in Narni where she was well known. For a long time she used to travel around aboard her minicar, but during the summer you would meet her along the streets of Narni riding her inseparable scooter. She was a person with a mild and reserved character, she was very popular with the children who attended the day centre. Some of them will probably have already received the news of the misfortune, the others will find out in the next few days and it will be very hard times for everyone to deal with such a serious and definitive absence that no one will be able to explain to these kids.

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