Most requested jobs in Italy that no one wants to do in 2024

Most requested jobs in Italy that no one wants to do in 2024
Most requested jobs in Italy that no one wants to do in 2024

The Italian job market is looking for specific professional figures that it is unable to intercept. here are the most requested jobs in Italy that no one wants to do in 2024.

The most requested jobs for which there is a shortage of staff

It multiplies, especially among technical-practical professions, the unobtainable staff in the Italian labor market. This is according to a survey conducted by the training body Ellesse Group. “The gap between supply and demand is growing, a misalignment destined to become increasingly critical”, commented the founding members of the organization Giuliana Lucidi And Luigi Saldì.

But what are the most requested jobs in 2024 in Italy for which it is difficult to find staff? Here are the top 10:

  1. social and healthcare workers;
  2. hairdressers;
  3. beauticians;
  4. bus drivers;
  5. carpenters;
  6. excavator operators;
  7. pizza chefs;
  8. pastry chefs;
  9. construction site personnel (including surveyors and electricians);
  10. cultural mediators.

“65% of ours young – they continued from the Ellesse group – he is not attracted to professions of the past and discards a priori the possibility of carrying out technical-manual work, preferring to continue with high school courses and then move towards academic studies in sectors very distant from those from which the greatest demand for technical figures comes”.

The sectors that suffer most, according to the body’s survey, range from transport at buildingsfrom the mechanics toelectronicspassing through the catering and for the wellnessalso including professional figures closely related to new technologies.

The most requested profiles in Italy for the next 5 years

According to the report of Unioncamere And Anpal (National Agency for Active Work Policies), in the next 5 years Italy will need, overall, between 3.1 and 3.6 million workers. If we look at the supply chains, those that will require the most workers in the five-year period are (in order of prevalence):

  • trade and tourism;
  • other public and private services, which include public administration services and operational support services for businesses and people;
  • Health;
  • education and culture.

Professors and teachers in schools will be among the most requested profiles for the next 5 years in Italy, both in the public and private sectors. The demand for other specialists ineducation and in training. These profiles include different types of professions, in particular support teachers, teachers of artistic disciplines, teachers foreign languages, as well as planners of training activities in schools and at company level (including online training).

In addition to teachers, here are the figures most in demand in the world of work in Italy for the next 5 years divided by type of profession as reported by the Unioncamere and Anpal report.

Specialized professions:

  • doctors;
  • specialists in management, commercial and banking sciences, engineers.

Technical professions:

  • nurses and rehabilitation technicians;
  • sales, marketing and purchasing technicians.


  • employed in secretarial and general business affairs activities;
  • reception and customer information staff, both as front office and in call centres;
  • employees who work in accounting and financial operations of companies.

Commercial professions:

  • restaurant workers, in particular waitress and kitchen staff;
  • sales workers (clerks and sales assistants in large-scale retail trade).

Qualified professions:

  • social welfare workers.

Specialized workers:

  • workers in the construction sector;
  • workers in the metalworking sector (artisan mechanics, fitters, repairers, machinery maintainers, foundry workers, welders, metal carpentry fitters).

Unskilled workers:

  • drivers of motor vehicles, especially heavy vehicles.

Finally, as regards skills (transversal to the various professions), the report by ‘Unioncamere – Anpal, Excelsior Information System’ on the forecasts of occupational and professional needs between 2024 and 2028 speaks of the growing importance that skills will acquire in the coming years green and digital.

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