Also 18 Sardinians at the Genfest in Lamezia Terme

From 26 to 30 July the island delegation is among the hundreds of young people arriving from all over Southern Italy

Also 18 Sardinians at the Genfest in Lamezia Terme.

There will also be 18 young people from Sardinia participating in the Italian stage of the Genfest, one of the most important events that accompanied the birth of the Focolare Movement.

For Southern Italy and Sardinia the appointment is from 26 to 30 July in the diocese of Lamezia Terme, in the province of Catanzaro, which is preparing to welcome hundreds of young people.

For the event scheduled in Calabria, the Sardinians will reach Lamezia by sea from Cagliari to Naples and will arrive at their destination by car.

In recent months, some solidarity initiatives have been carried out to raise funds so that all young people can participate and thus overcome any economic difficulties.

There is a lot of enthusiasm among young Sardinians, many would have liked to participate but work and study problems did not allow many to be able to join the participants in the Lamezia meetings.

Among the peculiarities is the low average age of the island participants, many of whom are teenagers, a sign of hope.

The Genfest is now an outdated event.

The first, with hundreds of young people of different ethnic groups, cultures, languages ​​and religions, took place in Loppiano (FI) in 1973, followed by Rome, from 1975 to 2000.

This year the global Genfest will take place in Aparecida, Brazil.

At the same time, other Genfests will take place in other parts of the world.

The regions of Southern Italy and Sardinia, in a symbolic relay immediately after the Brazilian stage, will propose the same initiative at a local level, through an immersive path of knowledge of the culture of peace, brotherhood and solidarity.

The detailed program of the three days, the initiatives and the guests will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Also 18 Sardinians at the Genfest in Lamezia Terme.

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