Vibo Valentia, Gioia Tauro and Montalto Uffugo are voting

LAMEZIA TERME Polls also open in the three Calabrian municipalities with more than 15 million inhabitants called to the ballot to elect the new mayor after the first round ended without any candidate over 50%: voting is held in Vibo Valentia, the only provincial capital affected by this administrative sessions and Gioia Tauro. Polling stations open until 11pm today and tomorrow from 7am to 3pm.

How to vote

As for the first round, all adult citizens with the right to vote who will be equipped with an electoral card and identification document will be able to vote in their polling station, even those who, due to their will or impossibility, did not vote in the first round. Once entered the voting booth, the citizen will find in front of him a specific ballot paper for the ballot including the name and surname of the two candidates for the office of mayor who received the highest number of votes, written at the top inside each of a own rectangle, under which the symbols of the lists that support the candidate will be depicted. The vote is expressed by crossing the rectangle in which the name of the chosen candidate is written. The vote will still be considered valid even if the voter limits himself to placing the cross only on the symbol of one of the connected lists, thus voting for the mayoral candidate supported by that list, or if the voter decides to cross out the name of the mayoral candidate together with the symbol of one or more of the connected lists. Separate voting is not foreseen for this second round. The ballot that has a mark on the name of a candidate for mayor and one on the symbol of a list that supports the other candidate will therefore be considered void. The lists that support the candidates, compared to the first round, may be more whether or not “matches” have been formed with other lists left out of the ballot.

The vote in the three Municipalities

TO Vibo Valentia the challenge is between the centre-right mayoral candidate, Roberto Cosentino, who received 38.4% of the votes in the first round, and the centre-left mayoral candidate Enzo Romeo, former president of the Province of Vibo, who obtained 31.9% of the votes in the first round. In support of Romeo there is also, albeit without formal appearance, Francesco Muzzopappa, candidate for mayor of the third pole, who had obtained 28.9% in the first round. TO Gioia Tauro the candidates are two women, Simona Scarcella And Maria Rosaria Russo. Scarcella, a lawyer in service at the Port Authority, obtained 39.2% in the first round, while Russo, a school director, obtained 35.5%: in support of Russo, with even a formal appearance, another candidate for mayor, Rosario Schiavone, who received 18% in the first round. TO Montalto Uffugothe candidates for mayor, both civic, are Biagio Faragalliand former city councilor, e Mauro D’Acriformer regional councilor: in the first round Faragalli came close to being directly elected, obtaining 49%, while D’Acri achieved 42.5%.

The political meaning of the vote

On a political level, these ballots in Calabria represent a test, albeit partial, for coalitions and parties, obviously at a regional level. The vote in Vibo Valentia is the one that proposes the classic scheme of opposing sides, on one side the centre-right, which is called to the challenge of confirming itself at the helm of the Municipality, and on the other the centre-left, which in the capital of Vibo ” founded on the Pd-5 Star Movement axis. In the other two Calabrian municipalities in which there is a run-off vote, the competitors are of essentially civic extraction even if in both cases the political area of ​​reference can be considered the centre-right: in Gioia Tauro with Scarcella the Forza Italia led party would have positioned itself by the regional coordinator Francesco Cannizzaro, while in Montalto Uffugo Faragalli is considered close to the positions of the regional councilor for Agriculture and provincial coordinator of Forza Italia Cosenza, Gianluca Gallo, while D’Acri would have the support of Fratelli d’Italia.

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