Anzio. “Safety at sea and first aid on boats”: Experts gathered to face the challenges of safety at sea

The conference on the theme “Safety at sea and first aid on boats” was held today, organized by the Per Aspera Ad Astra Association at the headquarters of the Italian Naval League in Anzio. Marine and safety industry experts gathered to discuss the latest trends and developments in safe boating and emergency management on the water.

The event saw the participation of Admiral Mario Billardello, former Commander of the Amerigo Vespucci, Dr. Prof. Gianluca Serafini, captains, sailing instructors, coast guard, rescuers and boat builders.

The intervention of the State Police was significant. Specifically, the River and Inland Waters Team of the Anzio Detachment intervened, delving into the issues of safety at sea and the type of intervention they implement with jet skis near our coast.

Among the main topics addressed:
– New technologies for monitoring and alerting in the event of accidents at sea
– First aid protocols and medical assistance on board
– Evacuation and rescue procedures for different types of vessels
– Naval safety rules and regulations

“It is essential that all players in the nautical sector work together to constantly improve safety standards.” Only through adequate training, cutting-edge equipment and well-defined procedures can we guarantee maximum protection for those who venture into the sea.” Said the President of the Association, Paola Mariani.

The conference also represented an important opportunity for comparison and exchange of good practices at a national and international level. Participants agreed on the importance of continuing to invest in research and development of innovative solutions to address maritime security challenges.
The Association expresses profound thanks to the President of the Naval League of Anzio, Dr. Alessandro Sciolari for hospitality.

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