Adrenalina and Remo Brindisi: “A virtuous collaboration”

With the press tour held last Tuesday at the ‘Remo Brindisi’ House Museum in Lido di Spina, the collaboration between the House Museum itself and the Adrenalina/Debonademeo Studio brand continues. The project so far has taken shape in the beautiful shots by Mauro Foli which frame a selection of iconic seats from the history of Adrenalina, dressed in white, placed in Remo Brindisi’s manifesto house as part of the company’s promotional campaign: blow-ups were created, the protagonists of the Adrenalina exhibition project curated by Debonademeo Studio ‘Adrenalina Incontra Casa Museo Remo Brindisi’, presented during the Milan Design Week 2024 within Design Variations in the Garage on the Darsena at the Fuorisalone. And on June 18th the press tour at the House Museum, with the presence of around twenty journalists active in publications dedicated to furniture, design and art. Furthermore, in connection from Lugano, Allegra Ravizza, gallery owner and president of the Nanda Vigo Archive, participated. Special thanks were addressed to Nicoletta Grande, granddaughter of Remo Brindisi, who spoke about her summers as a girl in the house she brought together to their large family for years. The photographs exhibited at the Salone del Mobile today are visible inside the House Museum in a temporary display that will remain throughout the summer. “This initiative – highlighted councilor Emanuele Mari – is an example of virtuous collaboration between a public body and a private body for the common purpose of enhancing and promoting beauty”. A high quality project, confirms the director of the House Museum Laura Ruffoni, the result of the “great sensitivity of the curators of the initiative and the understanding of the values ​​that make the House Museum so special”. “Adrenalina has always been for us first and foremost an experience, to be lived and made to be lived” underlined Valentina Bigiarini, Adrenalina marketing director.

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