Mugello, Supersport Race 1: Emanuele Pusceddu returns to victory in the sprint

Mugello, Supersport Race 1: Emanuele Pusceddu returns to victory in the sprint
Mugello, Supersport Race 1: Emanuele Pusceddu returns to victory in the sprint

370 days passed before Emanuele Pusceddu could celebrate his second career victory in Dunlop CIV Supersport 600 Next Gen. The new Ducati rider from Kuja Racing takes home his first success with the new company after a difficult start to the season. Also on the podium at Mugello were Andrea Mantovani and Davide Stirpe.

Surprise return for Emanuele Pusceddu

To everyone’s surprise, including Emanuele Pusceddu himself, the Roman rider finally returns to success in 600cc. The #6 ended last season as vice-champion of the category behind only Simone Corsi, complete with a world wild-card with the Yamaha R6 of J-Angel Racing Team. However, a lot of time has passed since that first success celebrated at home in Vallelunga last season. After a rather difficult adaptation with the Ducati Panigale V2 955, Pusceddu proved to be fast in the Tuscan hills, also helped by the race length reduced from 13 to 7 laps with the breakdown (and consequent fall, ed) by Raffaele Fusco.

Once back on track, the CIV Supersport 600 drivers battled in a sprint race. Pusceddu found himself in the lead at the start of the last lap thanks to Stefano Valtulini’s mistake atSan Donato”. The Kuja Racing driver did well to maintain the lead despite the insistence of Andrea Mantovani, 2nd at the finish line.

Mantovani precedes Stirpe: the Roman still at the top

It was precisely the last lap that decided the fate of the race, more in particular the famous braking into turn 1. At theSan DonatoStefano Valtulini (5th at the finish line, ed) moved too far ahead, thus leading Mantovani, Stirpe and Dalla Porta wide. In this situation Pusceddu took advantage of it, being good and quick to exploit the opportunity and pass under the checkered flag first. It’s behind it Andrea Mantovani, who certainly tried to take the success at Mugello. In the central part of the track, in fact, the Mesaroli Racing driver seemed faster than his brand mate, while “Push” was definitely more competitive in the last sector. Third position for Davide Stirpe, only 46 thousandths behind Mantovani: the current Italian team seemed in better shape at Mugello, but was caught on the last lap. Despite this, the Roman from Garage 51 by Barni has increased his lead in the standings to +27 on Mantovani and Ottaviani.

Chew bitterly Lorenzo Dalla Porta: finding himself 9th after the second start, the former Moto3 champion recovered from the margins of the top 10 to first position in the final stages of the race. Unfortunately, the home rider was affected by Valtulini’s mistake, thus having to settle for the “wooden medal”. Excellent result for Marco Bussolotti who finished 6th ahead of Leonardo Taccini and Bryan D’Onofrio. Matteo Patacca finally returns to taste the top 10, closed by Alessandro Sciarretta. Of note is the withdrawal due to technical problems Luca Ottaviani even before the red flag interruption.

CIV | Supersport: the results of Race 1

Credits: Perugia Timing

From Mugello – Valentino Aggio

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