Vittoria Sicari fights for her life. We too are next to her in the hope that she will return soon

Vittoria Sicari fights for her life. We too are next to her in the hope that she will return soon
Vittoria Sicari fights for her life. We too are next to her in the hope that she will return soon

It’s a very difficult time for Vittoria Sicari, historic correspondent of the Vibo editorial office of the Gazzetta del Sudoriginally from Lombards. In this moving article, his brotherly friend and former head of service, Nicola Lopreiato, now director of Noi di Calabriatells of all the anguish and apprehension that these days weighs on those who love her and for many years have appreciated her timely journalistic work, always projected towards the weakest and against the bullies. We also strongly join Lopreiato’s hope, relaunching his writing published in Noi di Calabria and wishing our colleague to return soon.

by Nicola Lopreiato
Inside I call her every morning. I keep calling her, but unfortunately she hasn’t answered me for a few days. She can not! He is struggling to hold on to life. My Victory – that’s what I called her and still call her – she was the most available, the most determined person, journalist. For any assignment, she was always ready: now I’m going! I take the photos! How much do I write? The luck, the joy, of every service manager. An important, fundamental lever for Mia Gazzetta, of my way of understanding and enriching the newspaper which, together with many excellent colleagues, has seen us as protagonists for many years. His specialty was to intercept simple people, the most needy; tell their stories, their suffering, their hopes. Everyone talked to her. They confided in her their hardships, their dramas and, sometimes, even their dreams. Vittoria entered homes like few others, everyone opened their doors to her. She was one of them. A true reporter! She didn’t forget anyone, she gave a voice to those who had none.

An example, a lighthouse, a hope in the trenches of hardship and poverty. An example, at the right moment, of courage and integrity even when on the other side, in his path, the bullies appeared, who in these parts prefer to be identified as ‘Ndrangheta supporters. Always proud and with her head held high.

I was next to his bed in the intensive care unit of the Pugliese-Ciaccio hospital in Catanzaro only because the doctors understood how much My Victory represented, not so much for me, but for everything she did for the reasons of others. I continued to call her, hoping for a nod from her, but, unfortunately, this time, she couldn’t answer me. Vittoria is struggling to try to get out of the darkness that surrounds her. I am convinced that, in the end, she will be able to find the light.

In this difficult time, my thoughts and heart are with her. I hope he can feel all the affection and gratitude that I feel and that we feel.

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