Cremona chooses the new mayor: here’s how to vote in the runoff

Cremona chooses the new mayor: here’s how to vote in the runoff
Cremona chooses the new mayor: here’s how to vote in the runoff

Two weeks have already passed since the European and local elections on 8 and 9 June: now it’s time for the voters of the municipalities in the run-off to go back to the polls. It is in the province of Cremona only the capital is involvedwith a two-way choice between the most voted candidates in the first round: Alessandro Portesani for the center-right e Andrew Virgil for the centre-left.

Polling stations are open from 7am to 11pm on Sunday 23 June and from 7am to 3pm on Monday 24 June. All adult citizens with the right to vote can vote by showing up with an electoral card and identity document at their polling station. He can go to the polls even those who did not vote in the first round.

The citizen finds on the ballot paper the name and surname of the two mayoral candidates, each written in its own rectangle under which the symbols of the lists that support it are depicted. The vote is cast crossing out the rectangle in which the name of the chosen candidate is written. It is however considered valid even if the voter places the cross only on the symbol of one of the connected lists, or if he crosses out the name of the candidate for mayor together with the symbol of one or more of the connected lists. Separate voting is not foreseen for the runoff. The ballot that has a mark on the name of a candidate for mayor and one on the symbol of a list that supports the other candidate will therefore be considered void. Furthermore, no preferences should be expressed.

The counting will begin Monday at 3pmimmediately after the polls closed.

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