Bennardi worried by the lack of a Regional Council

Domenico Bennardi – on the eve of the vote for the Potenza run-off – expresses his reflections on the current political situation in Basilicata

The five-star Mayor of Matera, Domenico Bennardi, criticizes the lack of a Regional Council in Basilicata and highlights the unresolved emergencies in the health and transport sectors.

Since Saturday 22 June, it has been exactly two months since the Basilicata Region has had a council, and the mayors of the 131 municipalities of Basilicata do not have a health councilor to deal with, nor one for transport, nor one for production activities. The discussion on the new balance and the appointment of a regional council has been postponed to the post-potenza ballot, but the emergencies in the territories remain, and we cannot wait for the outcome of yet another election to decide.

The Mayor of Matera, Domenico Bennardi (M5S), expressed his concerns: “These political games are bad for politics itself and are not of interest to the citizens of a region which, according to Svimez estimates on Gross Domestic Product (GDP), passes at the bottom of the ranking with a stable GDP and the highest decrease from 2019 to 2023. A region in second place in Italy for poverty index, with the highest percentage of disadvantaged people followed by Caritas in the last five years. We have the highest level of economic poverty and we are in second place for employment problems.”

Bennardi then focused attention on healthcare: “My concern at the moment is above all the healthcare stalemate, about which I urgently need to speak to a regional councilor. What happened to the PNRR healthcare projects? The community homes and community hospitals, which would have led us to adapt to a greater number of beds, to standards of medical health personnel that are more appropriate and closer to national ones. Not to mention the waiting lists: what happened to the Regional Health Plan? Thirteen thousand Lucanians are being treated outside the region, with one of the highest healthcare mobility in Italy”.

Finally, he mentioned the problems in the transport sector: “On the transport level the situation is no better: since Thursday the only decent service available for workers and commuters in Rome and Naples has been cancelled; I am referring to the Itabus service. Citizens are asking us for information in desperation due to the sudden interruption of services. A Region without a Council does not legislate, does not decide, does not defend, cannot dialogue with the territories and what President Mattarella calls ‘front line institutions’, i.e. the mayors. We ask that electoral games be put aside and a technical council with a high profile and political depth be appointed immediately.”

posted in Politics on June 22, 2024 at 11:18 am

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