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In Lucca a special dedication for Otto Hofmann

A huge tribute from the city of Lucca, and the Ragghianti Foundation, to Otto Hofmann (1907-1996), a German painter who was among the main artistic exponents of the fight against Hitler’s Nazi regime and censorship.

Until July 14, 130 works can be admired, many of which are unpublished, by the painter, an expert in abstract and avant-garde art, who was unable to avoid the front and was sent to fight in , captured and segregated in a prison camp until 1946.

Among the works on display, the most evocative and moving testimony is given by the watercolors that embellished the letters sent both to his wife and to his friends during his period of imprisonment.

In particular of Luciano Fioramonti, the director of the Ragghianti Foundation, Paolo Bolpagni, as well as curator of the exhibition together with Giovanni Battista Martini, declared: “Otto Hofmann went through the twentieth century developing his own personal non-dogmatic but very free abstractionism, sometimes also inserting figurative elements. From his teacher Kandinsky had inherited the principle of the artist’s internal necessity, that is, not to submit to rigid impositions or rules but to creative freedom as a supreme value.”

“An exponent of an abstract art devoted to total freedom, Hofmann, after many personal tragedies, from that moment was reborn to a new life, exhibiting and traveling continuously, becoming a truly artist, with long stays in Paris, where he shared the studio with Giacometti, Côte d’Azur , Belgium, Italy, in contact with many cultural realities”, continues Bolpagni.

One of the most poignant finds is a letter that Hofmann wrote to his wife, in those hard and indelible moments, with an extract that states: “These letters and these drawings constitute a sort of secret writing which is testimony to my intimate extraneousness to the war and who in those four years showed that for me there was no enemy that needed to be destroyed.”

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