Singh died in Latina, the celebration in the parish does not stop: “Silence was needed after his death”. The committee: “But we prayed for him”

Singh died in Latina, the celebration in the parish does not stop: “Silence was needed after his death”. The committee: “But we prayed for him”
Singh died in Latina, the celebration in the parish does not stop: “Silence was needed after his death”. The committee: “But we prayed for him”

The guys in yellow t-shirts with the words “Staff” swarm behind the cocktail counter and the sandwich counter, while the sun goes down behind the parish church. This evening “La Banda del Cuore” plays, all as scheduled. On the stage, on the other side of the square, a couple of guys in red committee shirts plug in the jacks and test the amplifiers. In the middle, someone arranges the last chairs around the tables where we will have dinner. This evening he is wearing short sleeves all’amatriciana. Borgo Santa MariaMacchia Grande road, Latin. A few steps from here a nylon winding machine severed one of the arms Satnam Singh. The celebration, in Santa Maria della Letizia, did not stop, not even after the news that Navi, as they called him in these camps, had died. Today under the stage of CGIL, left and civil society in Piazza della Libertà, 10 kilometers away made up of fields cut perpendicularly from the roads traced by the reclamation, some people don’t like it.

“That poor guy met the horrendous end he did and the party it moved forward – tells Massimo Bortoletto, who lives in the village -. The Lovatos (the family that owns the farm where the accident occurred, ed) are two kilometers away, the dead boy and his wife lived no more than four kilometers away. I say that the parish priest could have at least asked not to play or, I don’t know, stopped for an evening to talk about what had happened. But nothing, they continued until late at night. And tonight the party continues.”

“Look, I’m coming from Piazza della Libertà now too, I went to demonstrate – she says in the parish square Silvia Pellizzon, president of the organizing committee of the festival -. It is true, we didn’t stop. We have chosen another path, that of prayer. That evening we asked pardon from the stage. Don Aimar himself, the parish priest, did it. On the microphone he asked Navi, Sony and their families for forgiveness. We are from here Catholic Action and for us prayers are not just words, we believe they have a real effect on our lives. So we did what we believe in, we prayed.”

For many, in Piazza della Libertà, while trade unionists and politicians intervened on stage, it was not enough. “The news of the injury started circulating on June 17 – he says Roberta counting the days on your fingers -, the party started on the 19th, the same day Navi died. In my opinion they should have planned to stop even after the news that the boy had been hurt in that way. Isn’t it enough that a few kilometers from you someone lost an arm in one of the companies in your area? No? Don’t want to cancel the party? That’s fine, but at least stop by for an evening after you have learned that he died“.

“This morning the parish priest and I went to Sony’s house – continues Silvia, sitting at one of the tables in the parish square -. We told her with our prayers we entrust his soul to God. Don Aimar, he is Iraqi, he comes from Mosul, he is someone who knows pain.” Someone else, shortly before, in the square objected: “Both the Lovato family and that of Navi were part of the community of the village, each in its own way. An evening of silence would have been a way of making people feel closeness not only to the boy’s wife, but also to that of Renzo and Antonello, who will also be going through hell, albeit in a different way.” “It’s not really like that – replies Silvia -, the Lovatos live there in another hamlet, they just work here. And in any case that evening, the 19th, some families from the community also came to the party Sikh. I take it as a gesture of approval, as a demonstration that the community has understood our choice.”

“We were wrong? – continues the president of the committee – Maybe. But what would be the point of stopping? As Catholic Action and citizens of the village we have decided to talk about what happened and try to get there at a higher level. Soon we will organize a meeting here in the parish with the residents and invite the institutions, all their representatives will be welcome. Because what happened here is just the tip of the iceberg of what happens in the countryside across Italy. We need to talk about it at a higher level for something to start changing.”

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