“wallet” pizza, fried food and street food prepared in a mobile truck

“wallet” pizza, fried food and street food prepared in a mobile truck
“wallet” pizza, fried food and street food prepared in a mobile truck

Michele Express arrives at the Maximall of Pontecagnano Monday June 24th: everything is prepared in a shiny truck.

This is the most recent format of the Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in the world that it offers “wallet” pizza, fried foods and a tasty selection of street food. This concept of L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in the World brings the authentic flavor of its pizza, with 154 years of history, directly into the hands of customers, in a new format and practical, inspired by the need to combine art and taste of pizza to the frenetic pace of contemporary life and shopping in shopping centers or city center streets.

«After the “Michele Express” experience in Lombardy, the truck moves south, in the Maximall of Pontecagnano, responding once again to the growing needs of the market in the street food sector – explains Alessandro Condurro, CEO of l’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in the world. – Our wallet pizza, which has already conquered the palates of the center of Aversa and the Valdichiana Village, is ready to offer refreshment and taste to the patrons of Maximall”.

«The ingredients of our pizza, even in this ‘new’ format, remain the same as the parent company in Naples, as well as in the other locations around the world – continues Francesco De Luca, CEO of the Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in the world. – To further certify our supply chain we make use, also for this new opening, of Authentico’s blockchain technology, a guarantee of ‘incorruptible’ quality.”

«Quality and excellence are two elements that characterize Michele Express and they are the same elements that guide the strategic choices of the shopping center, for this reason the addition of the truck will offer our visitors a new taste experience. The goal is to expand and diversify the offer of the food court in Piazza Maximall is increasingly increasing to satisfy all palates and offer a delicious break with the excellence of the Campania region on a day of shopping” states Carmela Cascino, director of the centre.

The menu of the new Michele Express at the Maximall in Pontecagnano includes the traditional pizzas: the margherita, the marinara and the cosacca, typical of the parent company in Naples, the sausage and broccoli, the fried pizza, the nerano, with courgette cream, the diavola, the provola and pepper and the bufalina, both in wallet format than “a cartwheel”.

Furthermore, the fried food lovers they will find satisfaction with the classic Michele Express proposals, including the potato crocchè, the classic omelette and the arancino. A is expected menu dedicated to the little ones and the take-away service for those who wish to enjoy pizza wherever they are.

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